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You know I am just
a human being –
a mere mortal
whose eyes and heart
want basic, human things…
things that are lesser
than what Your offer.

I want what is Real,
what is True.
True Friendship
and True Love.

And it seems
harder and harder
to find.

We are all wrapped up
in our little worlds,
totally consumed
with ourselves.
We cling to each other
with all sorts of
false needs from
past, unfulfilling
We bury ourselves
in our own feelings
until we can no longer
see the other human beings
in our lives.

And so,
with torn hearts,
and sometimes
innocent children,
we struggle
in the total mess
of our making.

Our hearts
for what is Real,
what is True.

And the only thing
that is True
is YOU, Lord.

And only through You
will we learn to love,
give and share…
We are given
a chance to be
“born again”,
to cleanse
the worldly impurities
from our hearts,
so that we can,
True Love.


I feel so alone.
My head aches.
Two aspirins may provide
temporary relief.
I hope this lonliness
will subside.
I realise that
there will be no instant,
miraculous cure.
I will have to trust You
to help me find ways
to alleviate
this human condition.

“How can you be alone?”, You ask.

“I gave man woman, and woman man,
and they bore many, many fruit.
The World is full of People.
Why is it
that you cannot “SEE”
each other?
…that you cannot open your hearts
and share joy and friendship,
as well as, your pain?
Why is it you make
your lives so complicated?
Your wants so many?
Open your eyes, and SEE…
Open your ears, and HEAR…
Open your Hearts, and FEEL…
Human warmth and companionship
are all around You.
Reach out…
touch someone…
with a smile,
with your words
and your Heart.

YOU… makes yourselves lonely.”

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