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what great gifts
You have given us!
You gave us
Yourself –
by sending Your Son,
Jesus, to us…
who gave His Life
freely and lovingly…
who suffered for us
in great physical torment…

You baptized us
with the Water of Life.
You gave us
Your Spiritual Life,
so that we may live
through You…
with You…
like You…

You came again,
as the Holy Spirit,
giving us the greatest Gift –
Your Spirit
who will remain
with us always.

You gave us words,
spoken by many tongues,
words of no Mortal Understanding
but of Great Communication
with Your Spirit.
All different –
yet UNITED in the
Glorification of You.

What a blessing!
To speak to You directly.
Person to Person.
Our spirit to Your Spirit.
How great You are!

We revel in Your Gifts
and Your Blessings!
We love them!
Each one an act of inspiration.
How we love them!

Your gift of Life
comes with a price,
a responsibility.
We want it,
and we ask for it,
and when we receive it,
we are asked to GIVE even more!

The supernatural powers that BE
become more apparent…
The Darkness…
The Blackness of Sin
all around us.
Lurking, hiding, waiting.

Lord, I pray for Your Protection.
Protect us from these Dark Forces.
Be with us every day.
Give us Strength, through Faith,
so that we will not succumb
to the pitfalls before us.

evil seems to loom before us,
indicative of a greater battle
to be fought.

Just when we thought
living every day was hard enough…
living in a Mortal World
in a Money System…
surrounded by bills, sickness,
and pain…

What greater Strength we need
to battle in a Spiritual World everyday!
The battles seem twice as BIG.
Not insurmountable,
but like huge, imaginary mountains.

Help us.
Give us guidance.
Take us ahead…
one step at a time –
armed with Your Holy Spirit,
with the Strength and Endurance
of Your Son, Jesus,
and with Your Love.

Look after us, Father.
We love You –
and we know how much
You love us too.


how glorious You are!
How many ways
You give to us
through each other!
We continually feed ourselves
through You.
Reaching out, touching, praying…
Words of comfort,
words of joy,
words of Life.

Lord, You gave all.
You touch all.
Only You can touch
each and every one of us
at the same time.
All over the World
You can unite us
by Your Holy Spirit.
Spirit of Love
Spirit of Peace.
Spirit of Understanding.

What greater gifts
do You have in store
for us?
What greater moments
to experience?

You gave so totally
of Yourself,
and You ask
that we should
give totally of ourselves
to You.

You cleanse
and anoint.
And in our newfound Purity,
we can return
all the Goodness of Life
to You.
We work together.

You give,
we receive.

We give back,
You receive.

You give more.
Each interaction
building up each other…
giving Man
more Divine Qualities…
teaching him
and Righteousness,
and Kindness…
giving us
a greater ability
to Love,
in a more complete
and fully accepting way.

Thank You, Lord.
Thank You
for Your Gifts.
Thank You
for teaching us
the greater values
of Life…
and in Living!

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