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Lord, what Peace
You have given me!
I am so
at rest.
What a blessing
You gave my family!
You took Uncle Bernard
so peacefully.
You gave him Your Love.
You showed it in so many ways.
You gave Auntie Shirley
the chance to assure him
how much he was loved
by You,
by her,
by their children,
and grandchildren.
You left behind
a clear and joyous message
as Uncle Bernard
asked You to take him…
And You provided
a loving and caring nurse
who could pray
for the forgiveness
of all his sins
before he went.

O Good and Glorious God,
how richly
You have blessed us!
Words cannot even begin
to describe what You have done!
Our praises are so
They can hardly
do justice to Your Kindness,
Mercy, and Love
towards us!

Thank You, Father!


Lord, I want You,
and I need You.
I want to feel You…
Your Touch…
all around me…
holding me…
warming me…
encompassing me…
in Your Spirit-filled Presence.

Lord, Your Presence
brings Peace to the Heart.
It makes every moment
become absolutely still.
It is a quietness,
a contentment,
a love of living
and life,
an assurance
of a calm within
when a storm rages

Lord, Your Peace
Is wonderful.
I want to know
that it is here
all the time!
And it is…
You just have
to let every earthly care
and it’s there.

It’s like nothing –
and yet,


This World
fights for Peace.
We arm ourselves
with man-made weapons.
We murder, kill, rape,
and totally
destroy each other
in the name
of Peace.
But, it’s not
Your Peace, Lord.

Your Peace is gentle.
It stems from Love.
It gives,
and fulfills.
It sustains Life.
It is strong…
holding up the weary…
uplifting the tired…
giving Life
like the air we breathe,
or the water we drink.

So many vital elements
make up our lives.
On an Earthly level,
we need daily sustenance…
but it is not enough.
We need Spiritual Food
for Spiritual Life!

We need Love,
and Peace,
and JOY!

Lord, I want to feel You
In my life everyday!

I just close my eyes,
and in the soft stirring
of the breeze,
I feel You.
Without a doubt.
It’s like a gentle breath
against my face.
And I know…
You are here.

Your Peace
Is in Your Presence.

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