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The loving touch
of Jesus…
the healing,
the strength,
the compassion,
the mercy…

Jesus –
the Man
with the largest Heart
I have ever known.

How great He was!
A mortal Man,
born of God…
with all our fleshly desires
and weaknesses,
but filled with
the Grace of God.

we never treated You
the way You deserved.
We never loved You,
cared for You,
and listened to You…

We hated You,
rejected You,
beat You,
spat on You,
and crucified You!

We treated You
worse than
our very worst enemy!

And You showed us –
gentleness, kindness.
You had forgiveness
in Your Heart…

What a hard life
You must have had
on Earth!
You came…
bearing the best gift
any one of us could ever want…
and You so badly wanted
to give it to us…

But we would not
even LOOK at it!

What utter fools we are!
We think we’re intelligent
but we’re so foolish!
We build ourselves up
on empty air,
when there is nothing
about ourselves
to celebrate!

How hard it was
for You
to give us Your Gift!

even though
it’s thousands of years later –
I thank You…

Your Gift is Priceless!

And even though
You are not here
in Body,
Your Spirit is!
And Your Gift
lives on….
Your Words
live on…
bringing Your Gift
of Eternal Life
to millions of people,
who long
to receive it.
who want to hear
every word You uttered
in Your Earthly Life…
who want to see
every miracle of Love…
who want to share
in Your Peace
and Your Joy!

O My God!
I thank You
for Your Son,


You are the
Light of the World.
You are the
only solution
to this madness
we live in.
And Your Victory
will be complete.
We must keep
our Eyes
focussed on You,
our Ears
and our Hearts

You are
the only Truth
that exists
in Heaven
and on Earth.

You are
the only Beacon
in this World.
A Light
shining so bright –
bringing comfort
and security
to all Your Children
who see Your Light.

Praised be
the Name of the Father,
and Your Name…
Jesus Christ.

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