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we thank You
for Your Son,

We are grateful
for the Gift
of Eternal Life
that You sent Him
to give us…
and that
He willingly,
and lovingly,
to give us.

What a price
He paid
to GIVE us
our Salvation.
He truly gave
of Himself.
And now
You call upon us
to give
of ourselves
to other people.
Just like He did.

Our lives
must start
to revolve
around Jesus.
He must become
the axis
upon which
our mortal lives
He has to become
the centre,
the very core
of us,
so that
His Divine qualities
can radiate
from us.

is the Gateway
to Heaven.
The only access
to God, the Father.
We must live
our lives
through Him,
and with Him

is more important
than Jesus.
No other Earthly activity
has any significance
next to Him.

We think
our lives
are so important,
the things
we do
We find
so many other things
to centre
our lives on.
Our jobs,
our home,
our children,
our hobbies…

Yes, all of these
play a part
in our lives.
But Jesus
has to become
the most vital
part of
our lives.
Once we have
our Eyes focussed
on Jesus,
we don’t have
to worry about our home,
or our jobs,
or struggle with
our inter-personal relationships.
Just because
Jesus exists
and we take on
His Character
gives us
His Ability
to deal with
everything that comes
our way
in Life.
We radiate Jesus –
His Patience,
His Kindness,
His Love.

God, the Father,
sends His Wisdom
and Knowledge
through His Son,
Not only do
we gain Salvation,
but we can gain
all that we need
to know
if we just
stop for one moment
in our lives,

automatically opens
a Channel of
between God and us.

God, Our Father,
talks to us…
He uses Revelation
to help us identify problems,
and to show us
the solutions.
He always
has the answer,
but we have
to learn
to listen.
We have to learn
to identify
the ways
in which
He speaks to us,
so that we KNOW
when He is trying
to tell us something.
Yes, trying,
God can find it
very trying
to try and get us
to hear Him.
We have wrapped
our lives up
in so many
unnecessary things,
that we don’t
have the time anymore
to stop
to Him.

We need to unload…
to get rid of everything
that is not necessary
to living everyday…
the things of the World
that are given
false value
by the Devil.

It is only
a matter of perception.
When we view
the World
through Satan’s eyes,
we value
everything that is
to our physical
and mental well-being.
When we open
our Spiritual Eyes,
God shows us
how He values everything.
He gives us
True Value.
He shows us
exactly what
is important.
And that’s
Other people.
People like
you and me –
broken, tired,
and weary.

We’ve struggled for years.
Every day we breathe
is a struggle
when we try
to organize our lives
in a man-made way.
We need
to let go,
and let God replace
this Earthly man-made struggle
with His Peace.

God and Jesus
can carry our load.
Our crosses
don’t have to be
hard to bear,
once we let Jesus
carry them.

needed help too,
when He was
on His way
to Calvary.

Not only
did He bear
the Cross
for our Salvation,
but He is prepared
to bear it
everyday of our lives
until we reach Heaven –
for each and every
one of us!

Not only was
He physically
a Living Sacrifice
but He will sacrifice
His Life over and over
for us everyday
to show us
the Gateway
of Heaven.
He will bear
our burden
just so
we can make it there.

what broad shoulders
You have!
What Love You give.
True Love.
An unselfish Love
which never seeks
its own rewards,
but is rewarded
as we become aware
of the Depth of Your Love.
And once we are aware,
You ask
that we give that
same Unselfish Love
to everyone
who comes in contact
with our lives.
Our lives are
to become a sacrifice
as we seek,
not to please ourselves,
but to please God,
as His Son,
Jesus, did.

So we must
keep our Eyes open
to Jesus,
and our Ears open
to God.

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