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You make us all poets
at Heart.
Your Spirit
springs forth words
of great beauty,
words of great emotion,
honesty and Truth.
Words that create
their own music.
Music of the Spirit, Lord.

We all have
Hearts that sing, Lord,
when we are all
in tune with You.
We become like
a Great Orchestra.
Each Person
with their own part.
Solos, duets…
all together in harmony.

Any way
You play it, Lord,
we are all singing
in tune with You!


My Lord, Jesus,
You are the Rock
of our Salvation.

You are the beautiful gift
our Father sent for us.
For only through You
can we receive
Eternal Life.
You are the Bearer
of God’s Good News –
of Life after
Mortal Death.
Life in Eternity
with Him…
eating of the Tree of Life
for the rest of our lives.

You are our Rock.
You are intangible,
unseen to our earthly eyes,
yet You are more REAL
than everything we see
here on Earth.

You are the only foundation
we can build our lives on.
And we do this,
through Faith.
As our faith grows,
and our perception of You grows,
the Rock of our Salvation,
becomes firmer,
and firmer.
We are standing
on solid ground,
in an unseen Realm.
Not only do You carry our cross,
but You even provide
the very ground
on which we should walk!
What security!
How could we ever
have distrusted You?
Not believed You?
You will bend over backwards
to give us that
heavenly assurance we need.

And so,
You become
our Rock.
The only Hope
we can cling to
in this Mortal World,
because You
shall be there
with us
throughout all Time
and into Eternity.

You undertook
the job of our Eternal Salvation.
You were crucified,
but the job does not stop there.
No, You stand
at the Gateway
to Heaven.
You guide us,
sometimes You carry us,
every day of our lives.
So throughout
all mortal Time,
You have been at work
leading each and
every one of us
to God,
Our Father.

You never tire.
You never give up.
Your Love is greater
than that!
Your commitment to us
is so deep-seated,
rooted in the very Heart of You!

So we can safely
take root
on Your Rock.
We will grow,
and blossom,
and bear God’s Fruit,
throughout Time
and into Eternity.

Thank You, Jesus,
for Your Love
and Your Commitment
to us.

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