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As Jesus hung
on the Cross
He said to God,
into thy hands
I commend my spirit!”
(Luke 23:46 KJV)

What complete trust
and Faith
He had in His Father,
Our Father!
He gave His All –
His Body, His Mind,
His Spirit!

He gave His Body
as He was nailed
to the Cross,
and physically died
a mortal death.

He gave His Mind,
that is, His Will.
As He prayed
in the Garden of Gethsemane,
He asked His Father
to remove the
cup of suffering
from His Lips.
He knew of the pain
and the torture
He was about to face.
But He submitted His Will,
because His Love was greater
than Himself.

And finally,
as He hung
on the Cross…
moments before
He drew His final breath,
He gave His Spirit
to His Father!

He gave
His entire Being.
He gave His Life
so we could all have
Eternal Life.

No wonder
God blesses His Son, Jesus.
No wonder
He sits at His Right Hand.
No Son
ever gave as much
as He did.
No future Son
ever will.

Whatever we are asked
to give in our lives
will never equal
what Jesus gave.
But, our giving
is as important
as His was.

Only through
our giving
of God’s Love
to each other
can the World
come to SEE


“If the Son therefore
shall make you free,
ye shall be free indeed.”
(John 8:36 KJV)

As we accept Jesus
in our Hearts,
we are saved.
We are forgiven
of all our past sins
and are granted
Eternal Life.

is the Eternal Mediator
between God
and us.
Only through Him,
and with Him,
do we get to know
God, Our Father.

sets us Free.

from our Sins.
We are cleansed,
and filled with
God’s Holy Spirit.

Free –
from the man-made
struggles, worries,
and burdens
in this World,
Satan’s World.
Because we know God,
and have Faith,
in the World
can ever imprison us

Free –
from the first
physical death,
as our spirit
will be released
and returned
to God
upon mortal death.

And finally,
free –
from the second death.
The punishment
God gives to all
Those who had
no Faith
and lived in
total sin
and darkness
upon this Earth.

God’s Freedom
is Eternal,
and lives on…
through Earthly Time
and into Eternity.

holds the Key
to God’s Freedom.
He will unlock
our Hearts
if we ask Him.
He will release
our spirit
if we ask Him.
He will give us
God’s Gift of
Eternal Life
while on Earth
if we ask Him.

Jesus IS the Key.
Only through Him
will we be truly,
Eternally FREE!

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