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The Human Mind
is like fertile soil.
The Holy Spirit
sows seeds of
As the thoughts
come together,
we start to flourish.
Our Christianity grows.
Our Faith grows.
Our Trust in Jesus
And our Father grows.

The more thoughts
we allow
to be planted
by the Holy Spirit,
the more receptive
we become
to God’s Wishes,
until finally,
we make
a total commitment
to God
and His Son, Jesus.

Then God
reveals to us
the part
we are to play
in His Plan.
We find
our true purpose
in mortal life.
But we can only
receive this knowledge
when we have
nailed to death
the Human Will,
and are open
to God’s Will…
when we have
given up our needs
to serve
God’s Needs.


Caring Hands.
Nurturing Hands.
Your Hands, Father.

As I lay there
praying to You, Father…
asking for the healing touch
of Your Son, Jesus,
to remove my physical pain…
You used my hand
to stroke my brow,
and caress my forehead…
my small, little hand
felt like Your Hand –
big, broad, and masculine…
and the touch sensation
felt like someone else’s,
not mine.

I was surprised…
I know
that when I am in
Your Hands…
I am always safe
with You.


Eternal Hope
that starts
as a small flicker
of Life within us.

Dare we believe
that there is Life
after Mortal Death?
That our lives,
in the Spirit,
are Eternal?

the true realisation
of Jesus
to the Cross
the brightest Light
of Hope…

His Arms outstretched
the width of the Cross…
opened His Arms
to everyone…
to offer us
Eternal Salvation….

The Love
in His Heart
radiated outward…
The Eternal Hope…
The Light
of the World!

And the Light
we see,
the sudden illumination
we know,
occurs when
we meet Jesus.
The Light
is His Spirit.

True Light
revealing all
that we need
to know.


His Truth
is the Eternal Truth.
It will never change.
Jesus remains the same
for every generation…
as He hangs
from the Cross
on Calvary –
a diminutive picture
in our minds –
but we all know it,
we all see it…
We have all seen
Jesus Christ of Nazareth
on Calvary!

We have all seen
His Light…
felt the flicker
of Eternal Hope
within us
light up
with real Joy!

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