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When we sinned
in the Garden of Eden,
we lost
our Spiritual Life.
We lived on Earth,
governed by the Devil,
full of Sin and Darkness.

Lo and behold
God had a Plan.
He sent His Son, Jesus,
down to Earth
to be born a man.

Day and night
the Devil found ways
to torment Jesus…
filled His Life
with persecution…
as our Christian lives
will now
be filled daily
with persecutions,
until the day
we physically die
and our spirits
are released
to God, Our Father.

The Devil thought that
by killing Jesus,
the Son of God,
he would be rid
of God forever!

But God
had the final victory.

was resurrected
three days
after His mortal Death!
He rose
to Eternal Life…
And He was glorified,
and sits at the Right Hand
of His Father,
Our Father.

God’s Spirit
will never die.
That’s why the Devil
has such a difficult task
to fight Him.
And once
God’s Spirit
has become united
with our spirit
we are unshakable.
Any form of torture
or suffering
on this Earth
can never remove
God’s Spirit
in the very core
of us.
the Devil does
becomes superficial,
The more we know
about the Devil,
the weaker
he becomes.
His threats are
no longer threats.
We have Life,
Eternal Life,
in spite of
his Evil Work!

The Spirit of God
protects us,
for when we walk
in God’s Path,
we are secure
in His Divine Light.
We have
His Protection,
like a halo of Light,
around us.


How do we know
the Bible is True,
and was written by God
through Man?

We know it
because our spirit
knows it.

God is
the Spirit of Truth.
Once we speak
His Words
or hear His Words,
our spirit
recognizes them
as Truth.
Ask any Believer…
at one point
we just felt
this little something
tugging within us
that said,
“This is the Truth.”

Our mind
is now registering
what our spirit
is saying.
And once
we learn
to listen
to our spirit
we will hear God.
We will know
His Truth.
And the more
we hear,
the stronger
our belief becomes.
Until finally,
We totally BELIEVE!

We are Believers
in Christ Jesus,
the Holy Spirit,
and God, Our Father.

We know this
to be Truth.
Our Spiritual Life
and we start to discover
the Eternal Life
God has given
to us.

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