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My Lord…
I must sacrifice
myself to You.
I have to give You
my body,
my will,
and my spirit,
as Christ did.

I can only share
of You
when I have given
everything I am
to You.

My own Heart
will shed blood
as You did
on Calvary.
I will give up
all my mortal desires,
and submit my will.
I will give of myself
everyday in my life
as I seek,
not to gain
worldly possessions,
but Spiritual Gifts.

No longer
will my mortal life
be my own,
but I shall be
Your Spiritual Vessel,
guided by Your Holy Spirit,
to do Your Earthly Work.

My Heart
will become like
Your Heart.
It shall beat
with Your Desires.
It shall radiate
Your brilliant Light
of Love,
and Wisdom.

My every heart-beat,
my every breath,
shall be for You…
and because
of You!

My Lord…
I am willing,
and glad,
to make
the sacrifice
You have asked
of me…
to put to death
my earthly desires…
to spend my days
according to Your Will…
for a new
Spiritual Life on Earth,
and Eternal Life
in Heaven
with You.

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