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My Heart lay there…
in the shell
of my body.

with human pain
and sorrow…
filled with
the brokenness
of Mankind…
the hurts and
injustices we suffer
here on Earth.

O God,
that my Heart
were changed.

Your Love
brought new Life.
A new reason
for my Heart
to beat
in rhythm
with Yours.

You took
my pain,
that ripped
me apart…
soothed me
with Your Love,
and made me
whole again.

You gave me
a new Heart
with Your New Life.
I found Joy
instead of Sorrow.
I found Peace
instead of Anguish.
I found Love,
Your Love,
that I could share
with another.

You gave me
Your “Divine” Heart.
A Heart
that shines brightly
with all the good qualities
of You.

And You taught me
that there is
no greater Joy
than the Joy of Giving.
And the more we give
of ourselves
and what we have,
the more brilliant
Your Divine Heart
will shine
within us.

Thank You, Father,
for such a
miraculous change –
the Changing
of my Heart.


You care for us.
You care about
our lost souls.
How deeply
You wish to save us
from the Eternal Prison
of Hell.

How dark
is the Darkness
in Our Darkest Hour, Father.

You have sent us
to care for the souls
in prison.
What a grim Reality
to live in!
A real prison
in the Devil’s World.
A place of hardship
and emotional pain.
A place where
there is little justice,
controlled and corrupted
by Satan himself.

I could feel
his presence there, Father.
Heavy, foreboding, grim.
He reigns there himself,
larger than life.
He is magnified there,
greater than he is.
He sits on the throne
and laughs
at mortal misery
and pain…
in complete control
of a No Man’s Land.

The evil spirits abound
behind the bars.
Screaming, clamouring.
Hordes of them.
They look like
brown bats with wings –
with a wing span of
three to four feet.
They screech and squeal,
making a noise
that disrupts the atmosphere,
and creates anxiety
and fear.

what a dark place
prison is!

They need Your Light, Father.
Your Light
is the only light
that can be seen there.
Your Light
will be the only way
some of those
human beings
will make it
out of there,
with their spirits

We have to touch
their Spiritual Eyes.
Wake them up.
Rouse them from
Satan’s Hell
while they still
have a chance
at Life.
New Life.
Your Life, Father.

You are like
the shaft of Light
that comes through
the window at dawn.
Your Light offers
a Spiritual Life
out of this
World of Darkness.
The same way
we cannot touch Your Light
with our hands,
or hold it,
is the same way
the Devil cannot
control it.

The Devil hates
Your Light, Father.
He has no control
of when or where
it will reveal itself –
but it will illuminate
the Darkness of Ignorance
which blankets the Earth.
And once
we have seen Your Light
and follow You,
the Devil loses
his grasp in our Hearts.

How he hates You, Father.
There is murder
in his heart.

You can take back
from Him,
all that He has taken
from You.
You redeem the souls
that he claims for himself.
He hates to lose
even one,
because He has a
spirit of Greed,
Lust, and Covetousness.
He just wants more
and more souls.
He cares for none of them.
He just wants ALL.

But You, Father,
You consider it
a personal victory
to save even ONE soul.
How much You
treasure and cherish
that lost child, Father.
You love each and
every one of us.
You know us all
by our names.

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