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Christ was born
to bring Hope
to this World.
An Eternal Hope.

A Hope,
through Faith,
that would lead
to our Spiritual Salvation
upon Physical Death.

That Hope,
is like a candle
in the Darkness,
leading the way
before us.

We walk
through this Life
with a Faith
that grows,
so Christ’s Light
becomes brighter
and brighter.

We walk…
of the pitfalls
before us
in the Darkness.
Every step of Faith
is an Act of Trust
in God, the Father,
who sent His Son
to redeem us.

We must
keep our Eyes
on His Light.
He will pick our way
the maze of misfortune
and guide us
to our ultimate goal –
Our Eternal Life!

The Christian Walk
will vary for each
of us.
Some will come
to know the Lord
upon their deathbeds
and be instantly
received in the
Garden of Life.

will commit themselves
to the Lord,
and spend
their livetimes
doing His Will and
His Work on Earth.

We all have
a God-given Purpose
in our lives.
A Reason for Living.
A Reason greater
than our collection
of material glory
or the glorification
of Man!

It is not until
we discover God,
through His Light
shining in our lives,
that we know
our True Purpose
in this Earthly Life.
We come to
appreciate Christ’s suffering
on Calvary.
His suffering brought
God’s Eternal Light.

Hence, we too,
will suffer.
We will all suffer
to bring good
to others.
Through physical pain,
and mental anguish,
others begin
to question life
as we know it
on Earth.

when put face to face
with his own mortality,
comes face to face
with God.
As a man’s knowledge
of God grows,
then we can
fit ourselves into position
in God’s Greater Picture
of Life.

This life
will not be easy.
It is a daily struggle.
We learn to conquer
our emotions, our fears.
We learn to accept
the unpredictability
of life.
We will roll
with the highest waves
in any storm,
because we cling
to the Truth,
the Rock of Our Salvation.
The Knowledge of God.
The only security
in this World.
It is in the moment
we acknowledge God,
that we take
our first step of Faith,
our first step
in the Christian Walk.

We walk with sure steps…
as we follow
Christ’s Light before us,
with Hope in our Hearts.

To God
be all the Glory!
ALL to Him,
the Creator of Life
and Eternal Life.

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