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Pastor David Lotieh Akondowe

"My name is Pastor Lotieh Akondowe I was born in 1979 in Dodoma in Tanzania. At age 9 my father was transferred to Mbeya to work, he married numerous women as is the custom here and unfortunately started to drink heavily. The pressures of numerous wives and children caused him to run away and my mother was left to fend for herself."

Pastor David, senior Pastor of House of Freedom church Tanzania seen here with Jenny receiving his Kids In Ministry International curriculum and below receiving his certificate from Pastor Laura.

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"Life became so difficult for us we sometimes went into the milling machine and gleaned left over flour to enable us to survive. Years later my father became sick, he returned home and eventually died in 1995.

I gave my life to Jesus as a youth and from an early age I have been preaching in the open air and people were coming to Christ. My ministry of winning people to Christ continued up to the time when I joined the Secondary school.  

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I formed my own group known as YOUTH FOR CHRIST we were dealing with winning our fellow students to Christ at the same time the school appoint me as a chair person to lead the Christian school organization

After completing my secondary school I went to the bible college in Lilongwe Malawi where I studied the Diploma in Bible and Theology.

It has been my vision ever since to see my fellow Africans knowing the true way of Christ, this will teach them to stop trusting the witch doctors, offering their children to spirits commonly known as Mizimu and many more.

It is my desire one day to see the ministry winning Tanzania for Christ and not only that but also winning Africa to Christ - this is possible 'Thy Kingdom come'.

Meet my lovely wife Stella, she was born in Malawi in 1984,unfortunately before she was born her father left and Stella has never seen him. With lack of parental support her life was retched until the day she accepted Christ to be her Savior.

Read her full testimony on the UCT Tanzania website and see how you can help turn her dream into a reality."

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