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Pastor Samuel

Pastor Samuel from Sudan is so zealous in doing the work of the Lord. He has recently completed his Degree Bible and Theology coarse at the Assemblies of God School of Theology in Malawi.

UCT will be, God willing, working with Pastor Sam to estabish the Sudan Pastor Sponsorship Programme and the Child Sponsorship Project.

Seen here enjoying moonlight over Lake Malawi.

Life without Christ is not life at all.

Before receiving Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Saviour, I was in all sorts of sinful life. Being a youth and away from parents for 10 years due to the long war in Southern Sudan, I was totally lost in the darkness.

But I thank God for His mercy and grace in Jesus Christ for saving me from the hands of the devil.

Pastor Samuel from  Sudan is so zealous in doing the work of the Lord.


In 1992 I accepted Jesus into my life. As such I experience a new life, a life full of peace and hope . Though I was without human parents, Jesus Christ was and is always by my side.

I have committed my life fully to His service.

The cross of Jesus before me and the devil behind me.

I thank my Lord Jesus for being Lord over my life.

Pastor Sponsorship Programme - Sudan

We have ministers in Sudan who need financial support. The Bible School in Sudan needs financial help.

To establish the Sudan Sponsor a Pastor Programme Pastor Sam has returned to Sudan and we are expecting the testimonies and photographs to arrive very soon.

Tel: +249 91339049

Donations can be made to:


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