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AFTER SCHOOL KIDS CLUB -The Saturday Excellence Club

Six Weeks to Excellence, six great ways to spend a Saturday!

The destiny of our children lies beyond restricted encolsed playgrounds and traditional educational curriculum - it is in Gods hands and He uses our hands.

The United Caribbean Saturday Excellence Club or Saturday school aims at providing biblical instruction with an emphasis on culture and heritage. Our vision is to impact the lives of the youth of the Caribbean through an understanding of their rich biblical legacy, and teach them Christ-centered principles for successful living.

It is our misison to invest in our children and train them to be godly leaders witnesses of Jesus Christ in every area of their lives. Additionally, we want our children to understand the value of good stewardship and citizenship using biblical standards.

Activities and Curriculum

  1. Cultural Black heritage - with history from a Christian ethnic perspective

  2. Etiquette – Classes on purity, etiquette and virtuous living
    Boys Club
    Girls Club

  3. HIV/AIDS and sex education

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