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Tanzania - women's empowerment sewing project


First of all thanks very much, with the project we as women are so glad to be part of the it ,we thanks the leadership of the UCT for the project which will change our lives for the better on the other hand we thank the Lord for giving you the vision of this project.

We can now see some new hope for our lives since some of us are doing better in class this shows how serious are we, we can now dare to think that we are going be the chanel of hope to other women we are being trained for free we will also teach our fellow women for free soon after we have finished the training.

It is our prayer that one day we will have enough sewing machines so that each one of us should use her own sewing machine,

Thanks very much.

PRAISE GOD the deposit has been raised and the church is being refurbished. Thanks be to God.

UCT will need to generate at least US $5,000 for the factory refurbishment and US $4,500 for the 30 Sewing Machine Sponsorships.

Read a letter of prayer from Tanzania

Read a letter of thanks from one of the ladies already in the program.

The Tanzania team plan to market the products through the schools in Tanzania and Liberty PVT school has already agreed to purchase school uniforms from the UCT -Tanzania Sewing Project

In the Caribbean UCT plans to promote the project through the schools in our region where children will be able to select styles and order outfits. These will be imported from Africa and sold at our 'Africa Appeal' outlets in Barbados.

Senator Lynette Eastmond, Barbados' Minister of Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development, speaking on September 2006 at a business seminar at United Nations (UN) House, in association with the Barbados Investment and Development Corporation (BIDC), is of the view that the "synergies to be derived from Barbados' reconnection with Africa, have great potential for culture, the economy, trade and investment".

Senator Eastmond commented that as part of the foreign policy, "Barbados has set for itself a goal of reconnecting with the African continent". She shared several ways in which the current has achieved this goal.< Read more >

Donations can be made to:


First Caribbean International Bank Bds Ltd

Super Centre Complex, Warrens

St. Michael, Barbados

Account number 1000431831

Email united_caribbean@yahoo.com

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