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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative UNITED CARIBBEAN - Art, Poetry & Drama therapy

Art, Poetry and Drama therapy is envisaged as an excellent healing mediumArt, Poetry and Drama therapy is envisaged as an excellent healing medium. It is hoped that as soon as funds are available this uplifting form of recreational therapy can be made available to the traumatised adults and children of the region.

Carol Joseph the project co-ordinator of Caribbean Development Trust may be spearheading this initiative in the summer.

Poem by Neeland Rennie, thank you for allowing us to share this with the world.

The children of Carriacou need your help, hundreds of children from Grenada will be joining these classrooms. Help us help them.


Love the children and
Treat them fine,
For they are like love vines, Always climbing the trees.
To be where the wind blows free,

With smiles of sunshine and
Laughter pure as honey.
They’ll always be tomorrows symphony.


They are the seeds we plant and mold,
To guide us where the bloomer flowers be,
Their joy can run higher than mountain peaks; like
Eagles their dreams are given wings,

To soar the heavens; both
Day and night, their desires run free.
To whatever life’s fantasies might be.

Strengthen them and
they will lift you up
For all to see.

Teach them the bridges of unity and

They’ll bring you a nation of peace

And prosperity!


This is a lifetime guarantee that
Children have inexplicable ability,
To guide us when our time is be!


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