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Caribbean Disaster Mitigation and Community Empowerment Initiative UNITED CARIBBEAN TRUST - base headquarters

Cassada Bay



United Caribbean Trust aims to have base headquarters in various areas throughout the Caribbean. The first of these is located at Cassada Bay in Carriacou.

Cassada Bay is a beautiful old, once- empty, hotel located on the island of Carriacou.

Now the home for 2005 of the United Caribbean Trust.

Seen here U.C Co Founders Jenny and Dawnay with her son and friends from the local village who joined us to bless the First Food served at Cassada Bay.

Enjoying the first official meal at base headquarters.

.Cassada Bay

Cassada Bay Other small gatherings included the members of Youth with a Mission, seen here enjoying a sunset meal whilst guests at Cassada Bay in January 2005, during an outreach programme of WYAM Discipleship Training Schools(DTS).


All the UCT bases need to be able to provide retreat locations, in tranquil, peace- filled settings, able to house up to 24 relief workers or 12 working holiday volunteers.

There is a tremendous opportunity here short term to create not only a safe, peaceful base for the United Caribbean team but a storage and kit packing centre in the case of another disaster.

The Cassada Bay base is a great retreat for professionals traumatised by natural disaster; those still having to shoulder the responsibility for the health and education sectors within the community. Providing a Christian counseling refuge


Cassada Bay is also an ideal place for a children's after school club activity area, with netball, basketball, snorkelling, kayaking and sailing, hiking and other educational rehabilitation projects taking precedence at this time.

Short term volunteer working holidays will add flavour to the mix as the future of Cassada Bay slowly unfolds.

United Caribbean Trust seeks international funding to make this dream a realty throughout the Caribbean. Teams of youths from local and inter-Caribbean churches, community youth groups and women's organisations could make good use of these bases for disaster mitigation training. Opening a new niche market for humanitarian working holidays and hands of help.

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