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Africa Prayer Mountain for All Nations

Permission requested to use information from www.worldtrumpetmission.org

"Africa Prayer Mountain for All Nations"On a hill, about seven miles from thecapital Kampala along the route to Uganda's International airport Entebbe is the "Africa Prayer Mountain for All Nations". It is a nice and quiet piece of land that has a natural light forest in which light game still exist e.g. bucks, monkeys, African squirrels etc.

Africa Prayer Mountain For All Nations, is a vision that was given to John Mulinde, birthed through thanksgiving to God for what He did in answering prayers during the troubled years under Iddi Amin and Dr. Milton Obote’s regime. Prayer Mountain was established in 1999 by World Trumpet Mission, in cooperation with partnering nations, and officially dedicated to the purpose of unceasing prayer for the nations of the world by Uganda's First Lady Mrs. Janet Museveni in January 2001. Visitors from more than 40 nations have already come to pray at Prayer Mountain.

The vision for this 80-acre venture features three wings: (1) prayer, (2) humanitarian ministries, (3) income generation to support Kingdom work. Currently the project has 80 acres, and structures include a central meeting hall and block of offices, a tent village and special retreat area for pastors. A hall for intercessors is under construction and missionary training school facilities are in a planning stage.

The programs on Prayer Mountain include daily lunch-hour services and weekly Friday all-night prayers attended by over 1,000 people from many Churches and denominations. Pastors and leaders, church and intercessory networking groups come for prayer and retreats. Visitors can stay in tents up to 2 weeks at a time and over 200 people per month are regularly using these facilities.


Everyone visiting Prayer Mountain in Sseguku is most welcome, and should register at the Prayer Mountain offices on arrival.

You may use an available tent and mattress (limited number and available at Ush 1000 per night) or you can bring your own. Groups that wish to stay on the mountain overnight should contact Nathan Kibiike in advance, at 075 808053. Groups may arrange for one large tent at a lower rate per person. Children are welcome on the mountain during the day, but those under the age of 10 are not permitted to stay overnight. The maximum length of stay for a person on the mountain is 30 consecutive nights.

There are two departments on Prayer Mountain. A chaplain, Br. Stephen Nkambwe, heads the spiritual department. An administrative assistant, Nathan Kibiike, heads the estates department. Still in process, plans for the mountain include the construction of a fence around the perimeter, payment of squatters, and rehabilitation of the auditorium. If possible we also desire to contribute in fixing the road coming up to the mountain.

Currently there is need for more tents and small mattresses on the mountain. If you would like to donate a tent, a donation of Ush 150,000 (90 US$ each) will allow purchase of one, or you may purchase one for the same amount directly from Uchumi stores or Game supermarket in Kampala, and donate it to the mountain. The mattresses cost Ush 20,000 (12 US$ each). Make your donation directly to the finance office of WTM, or to Nathan Kibiike at Prayer Mountain.

May God bless you!


Working Holiday

Mission Holiday Village

Cassada Bay offer both individuals and groups the possibility of coming to Carriacou and staying in a 'working holiday village' FREE OF COST in exchange for 'work in the village', bringing Hands of Help into the community, the nursing homes, the church building project.

United Caribbean Trust Headquarters

Cassada Bay is a beautiful old, once- empty, hotel located on the island of Carriacou. Cassada Bay



Gospel Tourism

 Gospel Tourism

United Caribbean Trust base headquarters could be used as ‘Christian Timeshare Holiday Resorts’ outside of the hurricane season (thus fund the trust) and accommodation for relief workers during the hurricane season if needed. If not needed they could be opened to local schools, youth groups and Caribbean churches from July to October.

Teen Challenge

Teen Challenge

Helping people become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well and spiritually alive.

Christian outreach

Christian outreach

Pastor Happy from Africa leading the way in evangelism and youth outreach with the island of Carriacou. Click to view the church building project.

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