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JOURNAL - Holy Spirit Encounter


“Your path led through the sea,
your way through mighty waters
though your footprints were not seen.” (Psa. 77:19 NIV)

How this verse
has comforted me!
When the circumstances
are difficult,
when your heart is breaking
from painful experiences…
and you know that
you are in God’s Will
for your life…
it is a comfort
to know that God
is with you –
His Footprints unseen!
He is leading you through!
He is saying,
“Have confidence. Trust me.
I would not bring you this far,
only to let you go.”

lead me through
the mighty waters –
just as the Red Sea parted
for the Israelites deliverance
out of Egypt!
Make the way ahead clear.
Show me the way, Lord.
Show me the way –
as You led the Israelites
by a cloud in the day
and a pillar of fire
at night!
Lead me, Lord.

* * *


Our arms were in
the burning fire.
Flames were licking
all over our skin.
My white arm next
to your black arm.

We pulled our arms
out of the fire…
they were untouched
by the flames…
perfectly kept by God.

We gripped each other’s hands
in a firm way.
It was a pact,
an agreement.
We agreed to walk together
in this Christian walk.
Through the firings of life,
God’s testings,
despite our external
colour differences.
Our hearts were united
in our faith
in Jesus Christ.

* * *


I don’t know
all that You have planned
for me.
However, I am convicted
by the Holy Spirit,
that I must not
shrink back from
leadership responsibilities.

I recently saw
a Christian television programme
where they were saying
that when the “good” people
turn away from leadership
the void is filled
by “evil” people.
Numerous biblical examples
were given of evil kings
who ruled over Israel.

I have been so disappointed
in Christian leaders
in my personal relationships
with them.
It has been my fault,
that I have always
expected MORE from them
than they are capable
of being, or giving.
I have not wanted
to disappoint people
the way I have been
People look up to leaders
- so much!

You will have
to help me to overcome.
I just felt You
put a mantle or cloak
over me in the Spirit Realm.
It is a covering,
but You are also
giving me a responsibility
which I am accountable for.
I am to take up
my position.

* * *



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