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JOURNAL - Holy Spirit Encounter


God knows the pain
of betrayal.
How can your closest friend
suddenly become your enemy?
It is so hard to understand,
and painful to bear.
Yet, God knows this pain.

God was betrayed by Lucifer.
Even though an angel,
God loved Lucifer.
He was a high-ranking angel,
in the hierarchy of leadership,
a chief worshipper
in the Kingdom of Heaven.

Yet, Lucifer desired all
that God had, and was.
He was jealous, envious.
Lucifer plotted to overthrow God,
and failed.
He became God’s enemy.

A close relationship
turned to hatred and enmity.
God understands betrayal
very well.
God loved Lucifer.
And it pained Him terribly
to lose him to sin,
and to condemn him
to eternal death.

Just as the Spirit of God
grieves after every lost soul…
God desires that
all mankind be reconciled
to Him.
When man chooses
eternal death over
Eternal LIFE,
God is grieved.

God knows the pain
of loving.

* * *


We all keep records.
They are like
a filing cabinet
of good deeds done and
bad memories remembered.
We store away so many records.

In the cabinet
are many files.
Each file carries the name
of someone we know.
Each file contains
the details of our relationships –
whether it was good
or bad…
whether this person wronged you…
how many times you forgave
or overlooked injustices…
a list of all the “good” things
you did for this person…

Love does not keep records.
It is not a scoreboard
of rights and wrongs.
Love is just love.
I believe God is saying that
we must not keep records
like this.
We must learn to love
one another.
Divine Love forgives…
gives many chances…
and continues to stretch
beyond our finite love.

We must exercise
forgiveness and tolerance
in our relationships.
Just as God forgives us,
we must forgive each other.
Our sins are covered
under the Blood of Jesus
and are not kept
in a filing cabinet.
They are forgiven
and forgotten.

help us to genuinely
forgive and forget
like You do.

* * *



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