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There was a famine
in the land of Canaan
and Egypt.
It was very severe,
and there was no food.
The Egyptians went to Joseph
to purchase food.
They eventually sold to Pharoah
all their livestock,
their land,
a fifth of their crop,
and themselves.
The Egyptians became slaves
to Pharoah!
They were in bondage!

At the same time,
during the same famine,
the Israelites prospered!
“Now the Israelites settled in Egypt
in the region of Goshen.
They acquired property there
and were fruitful
and increased greatly in number.” (Gen. 47:27 NIV)
When the Egyptians
sold their land;
the Israelites acquired land!
As the Egyptians
gave up a fifth of their crop;
the Israelites were fruitful!
The Israelites, as God’s People,
were in “a place of blessing.”

God is encouraging us.
When the circumstances
are bleak and tough,
He keeps His People.
His People prosper
even in tough times
because there is
a place of blessing
in adversity.
It is like a watershed.
A place where God’s People
are supplied!
Thank You, Lord.

* * *


Cain murdered Abel.

The Lord said to Cain,
“”What have you done?
Your brother’s blood
cries out to me
from the ground.”” (Gen. 6:10 NIV)

The sin of Abel’s murder
cried out from the ground!
The area of land
where the sin was committed
bore the stain of the sin
in the Spiritual Realm.

That’s one reason why
“the creation waits
in eager expectation for
the sons of God to be revealed.
For the creation was subjected
to frustration,
not by its own choice,
but by the will of the one
who subjected it,
in hope that the creation itself
will be liberated from
its bondage to decay
and brought into the
glorious freedom of
the children of God.” (Rom. 8:19-21 NIV)

What can a child of God do
to liberate the land?
A child of God can repent
for the sins of a nation
and for the sin of the land.
The spiritual oppression
of the land can be broken
by the remission of sins.
The land must be washed
in the Blood of Jesus,
in the Blood of Forgiveness.
And the one remitting the sin
must have the legal right
to do so.

A few months ago,
I went for a walk.
I passed the property
where my friend was murdered
several years ago.
He was the second person
murdered on that property.
The land bore the sin of murder.
As a personal friend
of the murdered victim
I had a legal right
in the Spiritual Realm
to repent of the sin
of murder on
this property.
I asked God’s Forgiveness
of this sin,
and broke the oppression
of this piece of land.
I believe that this place
is now FREE.
The spirit of murder,
as a territorial spirit,
no longer has a right
to reside on that property.
He was deposed.

As Christians,
there is a lot we can do
in the area of remission
of sins.
God’s Forgiveness brings
healing to a nation.
If we can spiritually wash
the land with Jesus’ Blood,
then creation can be free!
Territorial spirits will lose
the rights given to them
by sinners, and will lose
their operating license,
so to speak,
over a given area.

Remission of sins
is a valid weapon
in spiritual warfare.
Why do we continue
to fight demonic spirits
when we can just depose them?
We do not use this weapon
often enough,
because we have been
The Bible declares that
God’s People “are destroyed
from lack of knowledge.” (Hosea 4:6 NIV)

Satan would like
to keep us deceived.
He dislikes Christians
gaining knowledge of
spiritual warfare,
because we become effective
prayer warriors in
the Spiritual Realm.
Then, he has a fight!

So many Christians
are unaware of the reality
of spiritual warfare!
Satan must laugh
at our religious practices
that have no real power
over the enemy!

Religion can put
well-meaning Christians
in bondage.
They are saved,
but lack power.

Satan’s first assignment
is to keep people from salvation.
His second goal is to keep Christians
from being effective
through lack of knowledge.

We must use every weapon of warfare
as the Holy Spirit leads us.
Repentance of sin.
Praise and worship.
Direct confrontation of
spiritual forces through
warfare prayer.

Christian soldiers the war
is on!
Jesus defeated Satan
in the desert when
he was tempted,
and ultimately,
on the Cross at Calvary!
We are battling
in the aftermath
until Jesus’ returns.

Why do we battle?
We battle so that God’s Light
may shine through
the Darkness
and that others will come
to know Christ.
The Kingdom of God advances
as we make Satan
and his demons
our footstool.
This is the good fight
of Faith!

* * *


There is a difference between
prayer and spiritual warfare.

Prayer is communicating with God.
It is a direct line TO God.
Most people know about prayer –
the sinners, the religious,
and the Christians.
Many false religions know
and practice prayer to their gods.
Essentially prayer is directed
TO God.

Spiritual Warfare is directed
TO Satan and his demonic army.
It is binding his power
over individual people, situations,
the land, and nations as a whole.
There are a lot fewer people
Practising warfare prayer.

Effective prayer warriors become
targets in the demonic realm.
If you are effective in battle,
Satan will seek to wipe you out.
He is experiencing casualties
and losing control.
This is part of the cost
of becoming a Christian.
You can suddenly fall ill.
You may go through
difficult times at work.
Your finances may undergo
serious pressure.
And when the enemy
can’t get at you,
he will go for your spouse,
or members of your family.
He will look for your weak points…
the areas where he can hit you
that will hurt you the most.

We really are in a spiritual battle!
And wake up calls,
when we become complacent
are real shockers!!!

I pray right now
for every prayer warrior
on this earth!
Keep us alert!
Help us to discern
the move of the enemy!
Let us not slumber
like the disciples at Gethsemane.
Help us to be better,
and more effective,
than we are!

* * *


I feel wonderful!
Truly wonderful!

Last night You came
and washed me
in Your Spirit.
I felt such a cleansing
in my soul!
It feels like every blockage,
every hindrance, every curse
has been removed.
I wish I could feel this way
I wish that the problems
of every day living
would not surface.
But for this moment,
I am going to enjoy
this cleansing…
this Freedom…

Thank You, Lord.
You have been faithful
to me.

* * *



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