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JOURNAL - Holy Spirit Encounter


What is compromise?

It is choosing someone
or something over God.
It is out of God’s Will,
which He has made known
to us personally.

Sometimes, we can love
and respect others so much
that we choose to please them,
and put aside God’s wishes.

How much we need
to pray…
to keep in tune
with God’s desires…
How much we need
to be obedient
and not compromise.

Compromise is sin
against God.
The Israelites made
many compromises.
God had told them
to kill every inhabitant
of the promised land that
they were possessing.
But they did not.
In later years,
they would intermarry
and begin to worship
the false gods of the people
they were to destroy.

Even Abraham compromised
in seeking a son through Hagar.
He did not wait on God,
but went ahead with
his own plans.

God has the perfect plan.
We must learn to wait on Him.
If we obediently follow Him
we shall be successful!
If we compromise,
this can lead to disaster.

“For I know the plans
I have for you,”
declares the Lord,
“plans to prosper you
and not harm you,
plans to give you hope
and a future.” (Jer. 29:11 NIV)

Hope and a future –
without compromise!
Let us be silent
before the Lord.
Let us hear His Plan
and not our own.

* * *


There is a concept
in spiritual warfare
called spiritual mapping.

Intercessors gather together
to discern the ruling spirits
over neighbourhoods,
cities and nations.
They are literally mapping
the spiritual forces of Evil
at work in the Spiritual Realm,
over the nations of the World.

The intercessors,
under the guidance
of the Holy Spirit,
lay their plan of attack
against the Enemy.
This is called
strategic-level spiritual

This morning,
the Holy Spirit revealed
to me that the Devil
also uses spiritual mapping.
He knows Christians.
He knows who we are,
where we live and work.
The Devil plans his attacks
against us.
The same way that
there are pockets of Darkness,
there are pockets of Light.
The Spiritual Map would
look like areas of light
and darkness.
The Devil attacks areas
of Light,
and reinforces his strongholds.
The Christians attack
areas of Darkness,
and reinforces their territory
through faith in Jesus Christ.

The Church should be
a very bright pocket of light.
However, some Churches
are really very dark.
Churches where the light is strong
will have heavy conflict.
The demonic activity will be high.
The battle is heavy.
The war rages on.
There can be many casualties.
Not only do Christians
stomp on the Enemy,
but the Enemy does
stomp on the Christians.
Some Christians leave the battle
crushed and defeated
never to return.
They are spiritual casualties
of war.

We must be like Paul
and fight the good fight of Faith.
We are not allowed
to give up or take a holiday.
Giving up is tantamount
to surrendering to the Enemy.
There may be times when
we will get a brief respite,
but the war is not over
until Jesus welcomes us home.
Then, and only then,
can we hang up our armour.

We are learning.
Daily, we are learning.
We do make mistakes
and “crash” spiritually,
but God revives us!
And we do have
our personal moments
of triumph!
Ultimately, the battle has
already been won
by Jesus!

Hallelujah! Hallelujah!

* * *



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