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JOURNAL - Holy Spirit Encounter


God uses visions and dreams
to give us guidance.
Some visions or dreams bring revelation
on circumstances in your life.
God is explaining what
you need to know.
He can also let you know
other people’s heart attitude
to you.
This is a word of knowledge.
Sometimes, it is important
for you to know what others
think of you.
God exposes deceit.
Many people can cover up
how they truly feel in words
and actions,
but not in their heart.
I am learning not to take people
at face value, or word value,
as directed by the Holy Spirit.

Right now,
I have felt very angry
towards a Christian sister
in the Church.
She will hug me
and tell me that
she loves me.
Yet, through a word of knowledge
by the Holy Spirit,
I know that she gossips
and slanders me.
The Holy Spirit has
even shown me one person
that she has gossipped to,
and how that person
also feels towards me.

It is very painful
to deal with deceitfulness
in Christians.
I am asking God
to help me to forgive her,
and to deal with
my own emotions.
It is hard to look her in the face
and small talk
and pretend that all’s well.
I find it hard to pretend.
And I hurt over
the deceitfulness in Christians.
And I know why
many turn away from the Church.

* * *


God will give each of us
a personal vision for
our Christian walk.
This vision reveals
our God-given Purpose,
and the area of ministry
that God wants us
to function in.

As God gives you the vision,
He also anoints you
for service in this area.
The anointing of God
breaks the yoke of bondage
in people’s lives.
Where there is no anointing
there is no power…
no deliverance or healing
can occur.
No teaching or preaching
will set minds free.
The anointing brings
the breakthrough.
So it is important
to know your area of anointing
and to function within it.
It is no use trying to be a preacher
when God has called you
to a hospital ministry or
to a children’s ministry.
Stay within your calling
and anointing –
and you will bear fruit
in the Kingdom of God!

I have noticed some Christians
who become involved
in areas of ministry
that they are not called into.
This becomes a “dead” work.
They are performing
a valid area of service
or ministry,
yet there is no breakthrough
They work in their own strength,
and can become frustrated
at the fruitlessness of
their ministry.

Christianity is not about
“dead” works.
Dead works make Christianity
as ineffective as religion.
Christianity is about “living” works…
Works that change lives
through God’s anointing.
So, it is important
to follow the personal vision
you are given.

Be open to the leading
and direction of the Holy Spirit.
Follow the vision.
Stay in the vision.
Reap the fruit for
the Kingdom of God!
A bountiful harvest awaits
under God’s anointing!

* * *



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