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Malawi Misson - Women's Empowerment Programme

The old slogan "give a fish to a poor person, then they will has enough for a day - teach them fishing, then they will always have enough" is still true and expresses best what we are trying to achieve in our community development empowerment project.

There are numerous people especially women within Malawi that have ambitions to start a small cottage industry, such as sewing, basket weaving, cooking, creating drums to mention a few.

Very little financial support is required to make their dreams a reality

Part of Ramona's ministry will be to source the needs and the cost involved in establishing these home industries. One such example is a young Malawi man whose only requirement is a sewing machine to start up his small business, for as little as US $100 he could become self sufficient and support his family.

All such projects will be documented on this website so that sponsors can see the development within this area.

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