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Igbesi aye Tuntun - Igba #3

(To be translated into Yoruba for the children in Nigeria)

Jesus lived a prefect and POWERFUL life

Welcome, as the children arrive get them to colour the colouring pages and visual aids that will be used during the session.

DOWNLOAD Yoruba Visual Aids

DOWNLOAD Session #3 Yoruba Teaching



Let the children run around, shout, laugh and sing until the teacher blows a whistle or claps her hands and says, "QUIET! BE STILL!" Everyone must "freeze" until the whistle blows again and then the children can resume different activities like hopping until another whistle blows when children will once again "freeze" and the teacher will call out "QUIET! BE STILL!" Continue to play the game several times with different activities.

Numerous Yoruba Music videos have been downloaded to assist you with the children's Praise and Worship

DOWNLOAD Yoruba Music videos


Last session we learnt that sin separates us from God, sin is anything we think, say, do, or don't do that displeases God.

DOWNLOAD Review Yoruba Adam and Eve Visual Aid


Last session we learnt that sin has consequences and God destroyed the world due to sin. Except for Noah and his family

DOWNLOAD Review Review Yoruba Noah and the flood Visual Aid

That is a big problem but in this session we will learn how God solved that problem by sending His Son Jesus, who was God here on earth, Jesus lived a perfect and powerful life.

(Before the class arrange the chairs in the shape of a boat. Have a large sheet hoisted on a stick that can be the sail, if possible have strips of blue material and white material to represent the sea and the wind. And identify one child that can be Jesus, try and use the same boy for Jesus during all the sessions)

BIBLE READING: Mark 4:35-41

DOWNLOAD Animated videos to compliment the Bible Reading, including this one with English subtitles.

(Mute versions have been created for the teacher to read the Bible Verses as the animated video is playing)


How many of you have ever been out in a boat on the water? Since our Bible lesson today is about Jesus and his disciples in a boat, I thought it might be fun if we listened to our lesson today while sitting in a boat. OK, climb in, let's pretend this is a boat. Now that you are all in the boat, it would probably be a good idea if I got in the boat with you.

It wouldn't be a very good idea to send a bunch of children out in a boat by themselves. What if they got out in the middle of the sea and something bad happened? What if a storm came up? Have you ever been out in a boat when a storm came up?

DOWNLOAD English Teaching Video

First the wind started to blow , (Get a child to wave the white cloth like wind blowing, flap the sail) then cames the rain, (Have a sqeezie bottle with water and squeeze it in the air so drops of water fall on the children) thunder, and lightening . (Child waves the blue cloth demonstration a rough sea) Oh my, that is quite frightening, isn't it? (Start rocking your chair side to side and get the children to do the same.)

Well, that is exactly what happened in today's Bible lesson. Jesus and his disciples had been traveling all around the countryside and Jesus had been teaching and performing many miracles. When evening came, Jesus said to his disciples, " Let's cross over to the other side of the lake." So they climbed into a boat and set sail to the other side of the Sea of Galilee. Jesus was very tired, so he was sleeping at the back of the boat with his head on a pillow. Suddenly, a fierce storm came up. (Get a child to wave the white cloth like wind blowing, flap the sail) High waves came up and the boat began to fill with water . (Child waves the blue cloth demonstration a rough sea) The disciples were afraid and went and woke Jesus. ( Another child dressed up like Jesus, with a white wrap and a blue sash is asleep in the back on the make believe boat) " Teacher," they shouted, " don't you care that we are going to drown?"

When Jesus woke up, he spoke to the winds and the waves, " Quiet! Be still!" Suddenly, the wind stopped blowing and the sea became calm. He turned to the disciples and said, " Why are you afraid? Do you not have faith?" The disciples were absolutely terrified. " Who is this man?" they asked each other. " Even the wind and waves obey him!"

At the beginning of the lesson, I climbed in the boat with you so that I could help you if something happened. As we sail through life, things are going to happen. We will face many storms in our life.

They may not be the kind of storms that we talked about in today's lesson. Perhaps we may face a serious illness or a family problem, these are like storms in our lives. We might make a wrong decision or fall in with the wrong crowd at school. During these times, Jesus can calm the storms of doubt and fear in our life.

He doesn't always take away all of the problems, but if we will trust in him, he will give us peace in our hearts even in the middle of a storm. When you face these problems on the sea of life, who do you want to have in the boat with you? ( Jesus ) I know who I want! I want Jesus. He can calm every storm. If you take Jesus with you day by day, he will be there with you in the storm.

Optional: Utilize the 'Bible for Children' English material for teaching the lesson

'Jesus stills the stormy sea' English colouring book

DOWNLOAD EnglishColouring Book


Give the children supplies to draw storm clouds on a piece of construction paper. ( Or photocopy Storm Clouds cut them out and give one to each child ) Give the children markers to write various "storms" that can happen in our lives today. Eg 'A Natural Disaster - Hurricane' 'A death in our family' 'Dad loss his job' ' Dad has walked out' 'Abuse' 'Domestic Violence' 'Fighting at home' 'Bullying' 'Fear'. Write a "storm" on each cloud. Children could then on the other side draw a sun and write Jesus said "QUIET - BE STILL" .

DOWNLOAD Storm Clouds


•  Have you ever lived though a really bad storm or hurricane?

•  Do you want to share your experience?

•  Have you been through other storms in your personal life, not weather storms?

•  How did it make you feel?

•  Who did you turn to for help?


Let's sit quietly and close our eyes, I want you to remember a time when you experienced a storm, a natural one or maybe an emotional storm, a great sadness, imagine you are in that boat and all around you there is confusion, fear, the wind is raging and the rain is lashing down and you are very afraid, and alone, but Jesus is asleep at the back of the boat and I want you to visualize that you sneak down into the boat and crawl under His blanket and you go to sleep curled up with Jesus, and all the stress of the storm all around you fades away and all is at peace and you sleep soundly in his embrace.


(Use Yoruba Bible Verse Visual Aid to teach the Memory Verse and give each child a small Memory Verse Track to take home)

DOWNLOAD Yoruba Bible Verse Visual Aid

PRAYER: Our Father, we know that each day we will face difficult situations. We are thankful that as we sail through life, you are always there to calm the storms, we thank you for those times when you calm the storms that come up in our daily lives. We also thank you for those times when you give us peace even though we are in the middle of a storm. We ask you to watch over us and keep us safe. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.


Print the Take Home Bible Verse one for each child. Make sure the children store them safely in the folder and bring them back the next day.

DOWNLOAD Take Home Bible Verse

NEXT SESSION: We will learn that Jesus raised a little girl from the dead and that all things are possible if we only believe and trust in Him. Any dead situation in our lives He can restore and heal.



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