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Nouvelle Vie - Session #1

(To be translated into French for the Africa Training Bible School
in DR Congo)

Life is a FREE gift

Welcome, as the children arrive get them to colour the colouring pages and visual aids that will be used during the session.

DOWNLOAD French Visual Aids

DOWNLOAD Session #1 Teaching



You may want to start with some fun games once they have coloured and made their masks for the Creation drama.

DOWNLOAD Mask Visual Aids

Numerous French Music Videos have been downloaded to assist you with the children's Praise and Worship

DOWNLOAD Music videos



26  Puis Dieu dit : Faisons les hommes de sorte qu'ils soient notre image, qu'ils nous ressemblent. Genèse 1: 26a

(Use Bible Verse Visual Aids, give each child a Memory Verse to take home)

DOWNLOAD Bible Verse Visual Aids


•  How do you feel about yourself now you have been reminded that God created you.

•  Do you feel special?

•  God has a plan for your life.

•  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made.
Psalm 139: 14

•  Life is a free gift and God wants to give you the FREE gift of eternal life.

BIBLE STORY/DRAMA: Genesis 1: 1- 31

The very first words in the Bible tell us that "Au commencement, Dieu créa le ciel et la terre."

Then the Bible goes on to tell about God's creation .
(Mute versions have been created for the teacher to read the Bible Verses as the animated video is playing )

DOWNLOAD Animated videos

(If you have a big ball pass it or throw it to another child for every new day)

The first thing God created was light. The Bible tells us that God said, "Let there be light," ( one child waves the gold cloth ) and there was light. And God said... (Have all kids say, "It was good." Using the framed poster, pass or throw the beach ball around to other children.)

DOWNLOAD "It was good' Visual Aid

Then God said, "There needs to be a space to separate the waters of the heavens from the waters on the earth." So God made a space to separate the earth from the heavens. He called it "sky." ," (one child waves the blue cloth ) And God said... (Have all kids say, " It was good." Pass the beach ball around.)

Next, God brought all the waters of the earth together to make the oceans and the seas and to create dry land between them. Then He covered the dry land with flowers, trees, and grass. ( one child waves a palm leaf or flowers ) God paused, looked at the beautiful trees and flowers and said... (Have all kids say, "It was good." Instruct kids to pass the globe beach ball to others.) Then He continued His creation.

He created the sun, moon, and stars. (Children to hold up their sun, moon and stars colouring pages )

They were beautiful! God looked at them, and again He said... (Have all kids say, "It was good." Instruct kids to pass the globe beach ball to others.)

DOWNLOAD Sun, Moon and Stars Visual Aids

Then God created the birds and fish. (Children to act out being birds, flapping their wings and flying aroun and fish ) He blessed them and told them to multiply so that the sea would be filled with fish of all shapes and sizes and the air would be filled with beautiful birds. God looked at them, smiled, and said..." (Have all kids say, "It was good." Instruct kids to pass the globe beach ball to others.)

Finally, God made the animals. (Select different children minimum one for each animal, cut out the animal masks, paste onto a paper plate, cut out the eyes to make an animal mask, this can be done prior to the session ) Mischievous monkeys, donkeys, dogs and ducks. He made cuddly little kittens and big, ferocious lions -- animals of every kind.

DOWNLOAD Mask Visual Aids

Then God made man and woman. ( A boy and a girl )

The Bible says He made people to be like Him and He put them in charge of all that He had created -- the fish of the sea, the birds of the air, and every living creature. And God said. "IT WAS VERY GOOD"

DOWNLOAD Bible for Children 'When God made everything' French PowerPoint to assist with the teaching

DOWNLOAD Bible for Children 'When God made everything' French Colouring Book



Give each child a sheet of paper and marking pen to take on a Creation WALK outside if weather permits. The aim is to collect things to help them make a 'creation picture.' Write LIFE IS A FREE GIFT at the top, and 1 - 7 down the left side of the paper and try to find things to demonstrate the things created, if things cannot be found they can draw a little picture, such as Sun and the Moon, collect grass and flowers to stick next to #4, maybe a feather for #5. Make sure that children have time to pass their Creation posters around to each other to enjoy someone else's Creation walk.

Numerous French videos have been downloaded to assist you with the teaching

DOWNLOAD French videos



Heavenly Father, we thank you that you alone are Creator. You are powerful and so creative. Thank you for making us in your image and making all things very good. 


Print the Take Home Bible Verse one for each child. Give each child a folder to hold all their Take Home material

DOWNLOAD Take Home Bible Verse Visual Aids


•  Creation colouring pages

•  Creation Flash Cards (Review)

•  Cross word quiz

•  Creation Maze

•  Creation Workbook

Utilize the French 'Bible for Children' material for teaching the lesson

DOWNLOAD Bible for Children 'When God made everything' French Colouring Take Home Track.




We will learn how sin entered the world and how God dealt with it and gave us a promise.

New Life Curriculum

Swahili New Life Child Evangelism Curriculum

Guéris un Cœur Blessé

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