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Jerry Dirmann Ministries - Protecting your Heart
This week’s destination Sexual Immorality:
Protecting your heart

Download Senior Youth Teaching manual

MATERIALS: Laptop and sound system to play music. Multimedia projector and screen to show the PowerPoint.

Photocopy: Double hearts for craft, (Scissors are needed and Markers) Teacher Notes/Handout. Bible Verse Visual Aids and student take home ‘Sword Play Memory Verse Track’. Activity books for youth. Seven SOAP Daily Devotional Journals photocopy a set for each teen to take home.

Download and print PowerPoint notes

Download and print Leadership Handout

Welcome Teacher/Trainers and students. Get a youth to colour the Bible Verse Visual Aid.

Download Bible Memory Verse Visual Aid

1. ACTIVE PRAISE CHORUS: (10 minutes)
Give your heart to Jesus

Download Praise Music and lyrics

2. INTIMATE WORSHIP: (5 minutes)
Heart of Worship

Download Worship Music and lyrics

a) Review

Last week we leant about Jesus being tempted. Jesus had all the power in the world and Satan tempted him to show it off.

Optional: Download and view the Review Temptation Video

However Jesus didn’t. How did Jesus resist temptation? (He used the Word of God against Satan)

Last week we leant about Jesus being tempted. Jesus had all the power in the world and Satan tempted him to show it off, but Jesus didn’t. How did Jesus resist temptation? (He used the Word of God against Satan)

"TEMPTATION DRAMA” We are going to get in groups and I want your group to make a very short skit of common temptations that teenagers face.
You have 10 minutes to come up with your skit that you will then share with the rest of the group.

Suggestions for skits as needed:
• Friends encouraging you lie to your parents.
• Cheating on a test or paper.
• Joining in on teasing someone at school.
• Stealing something ‘small’ at a store.
• Gossiping over Social Media
• Watching pornography
• Excessive use of video games
• Being rude to your teacher

Optional: Download the Review Fruit of the Spirit 'Self Control' Video

b) Sword Play
Ready…Swords up… Psalm 51:10… CHARGE!

Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me.

Download Bible Memory Verse Visual Aid

Split the group up in four groups. Allocate parts of the verse to each group eg
1. Create in me a clean heart,
2. O God,
3. And renew a steadfast spirit
4. Within me.

Have the groups say their allocated section doing different things eg, stand up, spin around, hop on one leg, dance etc,

Download and give out the Sword Play Memory Verse Tracks one for each youth to take home to help them learn the Memory Verse

c) Teaching the Lesson - Protect your heart

Set up the Laptop connected to the sound system to play the Faithbuilder MP3

Download Pastor Jerry Dirmann's Protect your heart audio

Set up the Multimedia projector and screen to show the PowerPoint.

Download the PowerPoint

Use the Teachers Notes to assist with managing the PowerPoint (already downloaded and printed)

• Review and discuss the seven SOAP BibIe Study Devotional Journals from last week

We have been taught that genuine fulfillment and long term commitment come from a hearts that have purity and righteousness in them, when we take selfishness and perversion into a relationship and we will not be satisfied.

We have come to ask God to help us to protect our eyes from crude movies, internet porn, girlie magazines, ask God to protect your eyes. Proverbs 4: 25 tells us to let your eyes look straight ahead, and your eyelids look right before you. Ask God to put blinders on your eyes, look at nothing or anyone with lust, make a covenant with your eyes like Job did.

Don’t be like everybody else, You can’t be like everybody else because then you will be like everybody else, you want to be different, you want your life to be significant, fulfilled, enjoyable, you want to be honoured, and noble, so you can’t let those things in your mind, you have to look straight ahead.

Sexual imaginations result from opening the eye gate to sexual perversions.

Stop talking sexual talk, telling smutty, sexual jokes, sexual gossip on Social Media, anything perverse put far from you. You want to be free stop all those comments. You may think you can talk that dirty talk and get away with it but God says “And he who has a perverse tongue falls into evil.”

Open the alters for those young people who want repent and to ask God to give them the strength that they need to resist temptation and protect thier hearts.

CLOSING PRAYER: Heavenly Father we have come to repent for all the smutty jokes, sexual double meanings, sexual suggestions, flirting and sexual contacts that have sow seeds which are growing into trees of sexual perversion. Help me to put a guard on my eyes, my ears, my feet and hands. Protect my mind from sexual imaginations, we pull them down in the mighty name of Jesus and cover our minds with the blood of Jesus. Amen

Optional: Download a set of seven SOAP Bible Study Devotional Journals- one for each youth

Optional: Download the ‘Take Home Quiz Activity Books’ for the youth, give out at the end of this session

Optional: Download the ‘Sword Play Memory Verse Track’ one for each youth to take home.

Information sourced from Pastor Jerry Dirmann Founder and Senior Pastor of The Rock
Visit his website for more great resources

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