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UNITED CARIBBEAN TRUST - 2004 achievements


United Caribbean co-ordingator Dawnay with toys for the children of GrenadaThe need to support and encourage the children of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique in the time leading up to and including Christmas was vital for their ability to cope with the life changing challenges that hurricane Ivan has inflicted on these little people. United Caribbean walked in over 400 toys to the pre school children of Carriacou from the children in Barbados.

Thank you Barbados for your support.

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WORLD TRAVEL MARKET- London, November 2004

The opportunity for a global outreach was available at the World Travel Market.

World Travel MarketThe World Travel Market also provided an opportunity to promote Carriacou as an alternative tourism destination to those who were planning to travel to Grenada, or who may be interested in visiting Carriacou to help within the 'Working Holiday Village' at Cassada Bay.

Enabling them to visit Grenada to help with either 'The Pomme Rose Eco Project' involving clearing, planting and hiking. "The La Mode Experience" allows the potential to immerse yourself into village life, rub shoulders with the locals, get involved with the schools, the sports team events, the churches and the general restoration of the area. Or if neither of these Grenada incentives encourage you to visit on a 'Working Holiday' maybe water is the pull.

Come and live aboard a genuine 'Tall Ship', work as a crew member, teach the youngsters to sail, to work together as a team. Be involved in character building experiences and know that 10% of your holiday costs will be tithed to United Caribbean Trust for use in its Empowerment Programmes.

Caribzones Barbados Ltd has for years promoted tourism throughout the Caribbean. Great emphasis has been placed on the concept of twin island destinations with Barbados/Carriacou as one of the initial duos promoted within the sports and watersports arena. Caribzones has always been pleased to be associated with any form of conservation and sustainable tourism.


GetBak relief concertVarious fund raising events have been organised both in Carriacou and Barbados.

Carriacou held a combined church's evening of 'Praise' and GetBak Barbados' retro group donated the proceeds of their most recent concert to 3 Grenada charities, one of which was the 'Baby Survival Kit'. Bds $3000 was raised for this worthy cause and the kits traveled to Carriacou within less than a week of the concert.

United Caribbean base headquarters

Cassada BayUnited Caribbean's Carriacou base headquarters Cassada Bay appears to to be the perfect retreat location to be utilised not only as a base of operations for United Caribbean but Cassada Bay would provide serene and adequate accommodation for relief workers, councilors and any local or Grenadian professional administration staff that require a safe retreat with professional back up. The tranquil, peace- filled setting can also house the teachers who may accompany displaced students who are projected to relocate to Grenada to continue schooling that has been interrupted by the storm.

Cassada BayThere is a tremendous opportunity here to create not only a safe, peaceful
base for United Caribbean but also a great retreat for professionals traumatised
by Ivan, those still having to shoulder the responsibility for the continued
health and educational sectors wellness of the Grenadian community. Cassada Bay is also an ideal place for a children's weekend activity area, with netball, basketball, snorkelling, kayaking and sailing, hiking and other
educational rehabilitation projects taking precedence at this tim e..< Read more >


Special Baby Survival Kits

Baby survival packsThese are crucial supplies that are needed in all of the areas that we are monitoring.

In Carriacou there are approximately 25 out of 174 babies that fall into the vulnerable and 'high risk' category. Packs have already been delivered and on-going needs must be met.

Soubise says thanksIn Gouyave the Public Health Nurse has identified another 20 and in Soubise, following a very brief assessment, there appears to be close to that same number. We also saw a few heavily pregnant mothers, due to give birth within the next few months. For further information contact

Mrs. Melanie Bishop or Bert & Jo

Tel: (2460 432-1137


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Schools Twinning programme

Carriacou schoolsFollowing our meeting with the principals of the schools, it was agreed that the concept of Barbados and Trinidad schools twinning or adopting a school in Carriacou and Grenada was an excellent idea.

With that in mind, the United Caribbean team documented the pupils, their schools and the damages sustained, in order to set a framework on which we could build. Lists of schools' needs for supplies to be donated will be posted on www.UnitedCaribbean.com. Schools may be helped by their counterparts throughout the Caribbean.

Some schools are linked to local churches,(ie. Anglican, Roman Catholic and Methodist). These organisations will be approached to encourage the youth in Barbadian churches to become involved in this very special 'School Twinning Programme'

Chat rooms between the twinned schools could produce a modern day 'pen pal' arrangement as teachers felt this exercise could be integral to students' IT training.

Click on the 'school challenges' on the side bar to learn about the schools on the island and how your school can help.


1. Furniture for students and teachers
2. Three (3) tents for classrooms
3. No water in tank because of leaking roof, damage spouting and guttering
4. Windows for original building
(110 sets of Aluminum) size: Length - 54` 5`` Width - 30` 7``
5. Rebuilding of Tuck Shop
6. Equipment for Tuck Shop
7. Electronic Projector, Lap Top (Computer) and educational software,
tape recorder, CD player.
8. Sewing Machines and materials for Clothing and Textiles
9. Technical Drawing and Construction room, tools and equipment.
10. Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology Apparatus, Chemicals for
Chemistry, light microscope etc.).

Some problems were further compounded after the passage of Hurricane Ivan.


1. Furniture - 50 chairs and tables
2. Chalk board paint
3. Food items for our School Feeding Program
4. Bristol board and markers -all colours
5. Sponges for bed - foam
6. Used toys

Our intermediate List
1. Refurbishment of school building
2. Proper toilet facilities

Our long term list
1. Fencing of school property
2. Computer lab with about 10 computers


1. Sporting equipments
2. Markers & crayons
3. Posters & charts
4. Maps of the Caribbean
5. Educational games & CD's
6. Educational puzzles
7. Story books
8. Calculators
9. Paper Scissors
10. Glue & tape

As a disaster shelter
1. Flashlights
2. Radio
3. Lanterns
4. First Aid Kit

Things in need of repair
1. Roofing
2. Windows
3. Toilet
4. Electrical wiring

Click on the 'School twinning' dropdown below to visit other schools on Carriacou.

Schools Feeding Programme

Over 30 acres have been identified that are farmed by the local Rastafarian community. These fields have been destroyed by Ivan and their tractor is not working. With the help of chain saws and manual tools in addition to tractor parts or a new tractor, these hard working and passionate individuals who are willing and able to restart, could recover their fields, and contribute fresh fruit and vegetables to the 'Schools Feeding Programme'


The Princess Royal Hospital

Princess Royal HospitalThis facility is currently servicing the needs of Carriacou and some of the spillover from Grenadian residents. The hospital and it satellite Health centres are responsible for community wellness and play a large role in the recovery process. There is a great need for repairs to the roof of the main building which was damaged and is sited on a windy hillside. Secondly, there appears to be some damages to the hospital's cisterns and water capability is impaired to some degree, with supplies of bottled water ferried over from the mainland.


There is a dire need for Oxygen ( 100lb cylinders) Pharmaceutical stock and supplies, and they lack diagnostic equipment and lab services.

Computer X2

Additional needs include:

CAT Scan Machine

Mammogram machine


Photocopier machine

Twinning of the Princess Royal Hospital with UK organizations will be explored later this year to upgrade the hospital's capacity for services.

The Health Centres staff are responsible for community wellness and follow patients in their homes, as needed. The six Health Clinics are staffed by Public health Nurses and monitor pregnancies, well-babies, diabetics and hypertensives on both Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Residential Geriatric Facilities

Hill Top Carriacou  Residential homeThe Nursing Homes, located at Top Hill and Hermitage, service approximately 16-20 residents each. These are very basic facilities and are in need of much, but residents are clean and well-cared-for, by a caring and dedicated staff. Among geriatric needs we include:

Nutritional supplements

incontinent pads

ensure, nutriment, supligen,

night chairs

wheel chairs

pressure relieving over-matresses

lifting equipment and rails

There is a need for a matron at Top Hill. This position is available with accommodation and basic salary. Please apply to: Hospital Administrator, Princess Royal Hospital, Carriacou, Grenada.



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