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Richard Bayne -

Battle Cry Founder Richard Bayne from Revival Time Assembly  in Barbados

I recall in 2005, while working as a senior manager for a Company in Barbados, I began experiencing some adverse difficulty with in the management structure of that Company.

I had just, some months ago, rededicated my life to God, after a period of personal gallivanting.

Battle Cry Founder Richard Bayne from Revival Time Assembly  in Barbados Battle Cry Founder Richard Bayne from Revival Time Assembly  in Barbados

I remember one early morning while on my way to the office; I stopped to ask my newly rediscovered Friend [Jesus Christ] what was happening in my life and in the work place, with its unusual circumstances and, where was it leading me. From in side of me my Friend answered, “I want to take you on a journey”. With in week of that prophetic invitation to a journey with my Friend I was out of that senior role. Actually, I became unemployed.

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Being unemployed brought initial fear, fear of the unknown. I thought that my only Friend had forsaken me and left me alone. Unknown to me, the journey He promised had just begun. The Scripture admonishes us not to lean on our own understanding and assures us the God through His Son Jesus Christ will never leave us or forsake us; these two verses of his word held true for me.

One week later my pastor asked me to assist him with the Church’s annual summer camp, after that he offered me a position of Administrative Manager for the Church, a position that could not pay. More than twelve months have gone by and I am still alive, I am in a far better spiritual condition than I was when I rediscovered my Friend and the journey continues.

I have remained faithful in the role in which I was placed; it was not always easy, being stripped of who we are is not a simple process. But now my Friend, Jesus Christ has rewarded me by sending me to the nations to represent Him. It is from this journey that Battle Cry Ministry was born.

As I make ready to approach my first nation I look forward to an exciting and long lasting journey with my friend Jesus and the Host of Heaven.

Now, I ask you what is your situation and, would you allow my Friend, Jesus Christ to take you on a Journey?

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