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Most deliveries take place under untrained supervision
• Low rate of uptake of essential HCT & PMTCT services
• Poor male partner involvement in PMTCT & FSG activities
• Excessive abuse of drugs and alcohol in growth centres, trading centres and towns.
• Widow inheritance still being practiced too much, and as a result the intermingling of partners.
• Low levels of women empowerment. Women should be more empowered to adopt the ABC strategy in their households and communities, but also to be encouraged to use important health services around HIV/AIDS. Also women are hardly ever an equal decision maker in their (sexual) relations with men.
• Poverty: the high number of poor people has a severe impact on the ability to afford means to prevent as well as to treat themselves or their relatives if they are HIV positive.
• Rampant defilement and child abuse in the district increases the number of children infected.
• Polygamy reduces the use of abstinence and faithfulness as a strategy to prevent HIV/AIDS.
• Taboo and stigma on HIV/AIDS is still problematic in the district. As a result people don’t talk enough about their concerns around HIV/AIDS and infect people or don’t receive enough treatment
• School drop out: children wandering around and not being in school are an easier victim. Also social control through teachers and fellow pupils is excluded.
• Continuing high numbers of illiteracy results in insufficient knowledge and misconceptions about HIV/AIDS
Early marriage leads to a significant increase in child and women vulnerability to HIV/AIDS

• The origin of the disease is not yet known (More research needed)
• Back ward cultural practices where by people still eat animals that die on its own without taking pre-cautions.
• People’s negligence to adhere to Health rules of boiling water and eating hot food and a voiding hand shake or kissing.
• Living in extended families whereby some members may not take Health pre-cautions very serious.
• Beliefs in witchcraft (there’s a belief that whoever dies is be witched) hence neglecting Health guidelines.

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