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Goal: Strengthened support mechanism and structures for youth, children and adolescents to appropriately participate in development and improve their livelihood.

Strategies: In order to realize strategic Objective 05, BUCCARIT will use the following strategies;

  • Promotion of Youth friendly IEC materials
  • Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Promotion of children rights and support services
  • Promotion of adolescents’ safer messages.
  • Adolescents Policy advocacy.
  • Working with community social structures.


  • Training of Youth in better service deliver, targeting statutory and non-statutory youth groups
  • National youth Policy dissemination
  • Organizing seminars and conferences
  • Supporting counseling, skills development, talents, sports and MDD.
  • Organizing dialogue between adolescents and parents.

Verification Indicators

1. BUCCARIT capacity built and partnership developed advocacy process in place and spread through out the programme operation area.
2. Youth/community reporting of Human and Child rights abuse to social support structures, local authority plus NGOs increased.
3. Youth self-esteem increased especially female Youth and readily advocating/advancing girl child empowerment, child rights, child support services and safer choices.
4. Cases of discrimination basing on one’s health status, ethnicity religion and age decreasing.
5. Increase of in Youth, children and adolescents assertiveness to demand their rights and services plus accountability form their leaders and honoring their responsibilities in society.
6. Increased integration of rights, HIV/AIDS and advocacy based approaches in local plans and social services
7. A progressive increase in the proportion of persons/youth in our community those are informed about their rights, responsibilities and are promoting safer choices, child rights and youth empowerment campaign.

Means of Verification
Evaluation reports and local responses recorded at local offices and BUCCARIT offices. Field assessment, baseline survey and monitoring reports available

1. Local leaders, youth, BUCCARIT board, partners and staff are more willing and able to engage and contribute to promoting youth, children and adolescent rights.
2. Communities strengthened capacity to react to human rights abuses through decision making, referral and collaboration with human rights watch offices.
3. More partners and donors plus government will come on board to support these initiatives.

BUCCARIT will hold monthly meetings to review progress and plan for the next month’s project activities
The donor will offer monthly mentoring, monitoring and technical visits to support BUCCARTI in the implementation of the project and adherence to best practices.
BUCCARIT will receive monthly technical financial support visits from the donor to offer support mentoring in financial systems and management.

In the 8th, month of implementation, an audit will be done by the Donor organization to assess the risk of donor funds that BUCCARIT uses to implement activities ans make a judgment on how well BUCCARIT has managed the resources.

A participatory evaluation of activities implemented by BUCCARIT under this proposal will be conducted in the sixth month of implementation to assess the performance of the project against specific objectives.

Prior to implementation, BUCCARIT will share all information in the proposal, including the budget with all team members (Board and staff) in order to gain a sense of ownership and responsibility for the project and its implementation.
All staff will attend monthly planning meetings, and BUCCARIT will hold quarterly Board meetings to monitor progress.
To improve information sharing and coordination at district level both eith fellow CBO/NGO s and District government, BUCCARIT will copy monthly activity reports to the relevant district with stakeholders at the district. BUCCARIT will copy monthly activity reports to the relevant district officials including the DDHS, CAO, RDC and L.C.V Chairperson.

Sustainability Plan
In order for the project to continue existing after the donor funds have ceased, the following strategies will help the organization to raise funds for activities sustainability;
• Fundraising campaigns
• The public will use the Internet café at a reasonable fee in order to raise funds for sustaining act ivies
• Lobbying mechanisms will be applied.
• Collaboration and networking with other organizations.
• Financial sustainability of the project will be achieved through integration of the project activities into the local government development plans.

Environmental Impact
This project will have minimal significance on the environment. Few issues related to waste materials used in the project implementation, safety and health of project staff and volunteers will be adequately addressed.

Gender Analysis
The participation of both men and women will be ensured at all levels of the project. BUCCARIT Board and staff comprise of both males and Females an indication of Gender balance.




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