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Our Plan and Proposal

As a ministry which has a future, we are looking at investing into the people than investing into property. A property depreciates and can be destroyed any time due to natural or artificial calamities but people reproduce themselves. Even if one dies, the knowledge he/she acquired and passed on to another person it lives and benefits the rest. We are living today tomorrow we are going to be with the Lord but if we understand why the Lord has called us, then we can leave a mark on the ground for other people to follow. Having conceived this perception, we plan and propose to Build and establish a Bible training school which will mold men into fishers and reliable ministers.

We also plan to establish and expand the Orphanage school into a bigger institution with vocational skills with boarding facilities so that many needy members of our community can be reached with meaningful skills which, warrants them a position in society. It is not enough to adopt orphans, take them through Nursery and Primary school and eventually dump them. They will definitely resort to the streets and become worthless. But if life skills are passed on to them and are supported to put those skills into reasonable use, then we can say that we have saved their future.

The untouched Area

Bundibugyo District is isolated from the rest of other parts of Uganda due to its geographical set up. Being in the Great Rift Valley and obscured by the Rwenzori Mountains, Bundibugyo District does not receive any Television signals from any where. For Radio it is only in some parts where you can go and you are able to listen to a radio. Not only that, but the district does not have a tamarack road and electricity. This has kept us in total darkness without information and even this limits the transmission of the word of God especially during this 21st, century where by technology is the way of life.

I have consulted the national communications department and have been assured that Bundibugyo to access information; it must have a radio established in that very place. This is our heart felt cry and need for at least a local radio station which can be used for reaching a wider population with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

With these needs in our midst, I hereby ask, seek and knock on the door of your heart to extend a willing hand and partner with us (Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries) so that we can foster the Gospel of Jesus Christ together for the glory of our heavenly father.

More details

Pastor Abraham Kisembo
President: Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries-Uganda

E-mail: united_caribbean@yahoo.com

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