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Nouvelle Vie - Introduction

(To be translated into French for the Africa Training Bible School
in DR Congo)

This eight part series will take you from Genesis to Revelation. We will learn about God's creation, life is a gift but there is another FREE gift God wants to give to you!

Heaven is a FREE gift, there is nothing we can do to earn it or deserve it.

So what stops us from getting this gift? SIN and we will learn in the second session how mankind messed up and sin entered the world, sin separates us from God.

There must be a different way and there is God's way! God is holy and loving but He is also just and He must punish sin. Do you see the problem?

Later in this series we will see how God solved that problem by sending His son Jesus.

In Session 3 the children will learn that Jesus is God, He lived a perfect and POWERFUL life.

In Session #4 they will begin to realize that with God all things are possible if we just believe.

In Session 5 we will learn that Jesus died for our sins and in session 6 we will learn that He rose from the dead and is in Heaven now offering us the free gift of eternal life.

At the end in Session 7 we will learn about the Holy Spirit and our new job now that we have turned from our naughty ways (repented) and He has cleansed us and forgiven us of our sins and we are following Him.

In Session 8 we will teach the children how to share this free gift!

Let's start at the very beginning...Session #1


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