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Nouvelle Vie - Session #8

(To be translated into French for the Africa Training Bible School
in DR Congo)

Offering us the FREE gift of eternal life

Welcome, as the children arrive get them to colour the colouring pages and visual aids that will be used during the session.

DOWNLOAD Session #8 French Visual Aids

DOWNLOAD Session #8 French Visual Aids

DOWNLOAD Session #8 French Teaching


Numerous French Music videos have been downloaded to assist you with the children's Praise and Worship

DOWNLOAD French Music videos


Last session we learnt that Jesus ascending into Heaven and the wonderful promise of the Holy Spirit that is ours from God.

DOWNLOAD Review Quiz

We will now teach you how you can share your faith with friends.


When you start to share about your 'New Life in Jesus' you need to start by talking about Heaven


Heaven is a free gift.

(Use First finger colouring visual aid)



DRAMA: A free gift

First boy . I have a gift I want to give to you, but you have to work for it, first you must hop on one foot. now the other foot. great you have worked for your gift. (Open the box and give him a small gift )

Second girl. I have a gift I want to give to you because you look so nice, your hear is beautiful, your dress is lovely, you deserve this gift. (Open the box and give her a small gift )

Third child. I have a gift I want to give to you, you don't have to work for it and there is nothing you can do to deserve it, I just want to give you this gift because I love you with the love of the Lord.

(Open the box and give her a small gift and the banner rolled up in the box that says PARADIS )

DOWNLOAD PARADIS banner (Get the children to colour this prior to the class, stick it together, roll it up and put it in the 'gift box')

Heaven is a free gift .

•  Was the first gift a free gift? NO he had to work for it.

•  Was the second gift a free gift? NO she had to deserve it.

•  Was the third gift a free gift? YES she did nothing to earn it or deserve it that is how it is with the gift of eternal life in Heaven it is not something you work for or deserve.

"For the wages of sin is death; but the GIFT of God is eternal life, through Jesus Christ our Lord " Romans 6:23



DOWNLOAD Kids EE 'Farley' Gospel Presentation

DOWNLOAD All other Salvation videos

DOWNLOAD Animated Gospel Presentation

(A mute versions has been created for the teacher to voice over as the animated video is playing)


DOWNLOAD Animated Gospel Pathway

(A mute versions has been created for the teacher to voice over as the animated video is playing)

CRAFT TIME: Print the 'Bridge Track' (Use visual aid) Give each child a small Bridge Track and a small Cross.

Filling in the Romans 6:23 Bible verse and gluing the cross to bridge the gap between man and God.

DOWNLOAD French Bridge Track Visual.

DOWNLOAD Creole Bridge Track Visual.


Split the children into four groups and have them shout their lines, then whisper them, hop on one foot etc

DOWNLOAD French Bible Verse Visual Aid

DOWNLOAD Creole Bible Verse Visual Aid

First group "Car c’est par grâce que vous êtes sauvés,"

Second group "par le moyen de la foi."

Third group "Cela ne vient pas de vous,"

Fourth group "c’est un don de Dieu ;"

Everyone shouts " Éphésiens 2:8"



We all sin and we cannot save ourselves.

What is sin? Sin is anything we think , say , do or don't do that displeases God.

DOWNLOAD French SIN Visual Aid

DOWNLOAD Creole SIN Visual Aid

Remember the Long Jump to Jesus game?
(Get a child to recall that from Lesson #5 and act it out if time permits )

'All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God' Romans 3:23

We all sin, and we cannot save ourselves.

There must be a different way - God's way!

3•  DIEU

On one hand, God loves us and doesn't not want to punish us; but on the other hand, God is just and must punish sin.

(Use Third finger visual aid)

DOWNLOAD French GOD Visual Aid.

DOWNLOAD Creole GOD Visual Aid.

God is love 1 John 4:8b

He will by no means clear the guilty Exodus 34:7b


4•  God solved this problem by sending His son JÉSUS

(Use Fourth finger visual aid)

DOWNLOAD French JÉSUS Visual Aid

DOWNLOAD Creole JÉSUS Visual Aid



DOWNLOAD French 'Gospel in a Nutshell'

DOWNLOAD Creole 'Gospel in a Nutshell'

Jesus is God! (Jesus is standing on a chair that is covered with a gold cloth, dressed in His blue and white wrap, wearing a crown holding a sign that says 'GOD')



He came from Heaven to earth. (Jesus steps down from the chair, removes His crown and has a sign that says 'HOMME')



He lived a perfect life (Double thumbs up!)

He died on the cross .(Jesus holds both hands out and head sagging like He is on a cross)

And rose from the dead, (Jesus lifts His hands up and steps forward from the grave victoriously)

To pay the penalty for our sins and to purchase a place in Heaven for us . (Jesus lifts His hands up to Heaven praying)

Jesus is in Heaven now offering us the FREE GIFT of eternal us life (Jesus reaches under the golden chair and pulls out a gift that he holds out)

16  Oui, Dieu a tant aimé le monde qu'il a donné son Fils, son unique, pour que tous ceux qui placent leur confiance en lui échappent à la perdition et qu'ils aient la vie éternelle.
Jean 3:16

Optional: Ball toss game (Through ball from one child to the other shouting ONE word of John 3:16 before tosses the ball)

Hand clapping game


5•  FOI!

(Use Fifth little finger visual aid, faith as small as a little mustard seed)

DOWNLOAD French FOI Visual Aid.

DOWNLOAD Creole LAFWA Visual Aid.

Crois au Seigneur Jésus, et tu seras sauvé; Actes 16:31a

DOWNLOAD French Salvation Box Visual Aid.

DOWNLOAD Creole Salvation Box Visual Aid.

(Print the Salvation Gift Box and get the children to practice)


•  Who can demonstrate the five finger Gospel Presentation (Use Visual aids as a reminder )

•  Remember the three gift skit? Why was the third gift a free gift? (The child did nothing to earn it or deserve it that is how it is with the free gift of eternal life)

•  Who will come up and show us their ' Bridge Track' can you demonstrate how you can use this to share your faith?

DOWNLOAD French Take Home Bridge Track

DOWNLOAD Creole Take Home Bridge Track

•  Did any of you manage to Long Jump to Jesus? NO Why? 'All have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God'

•  Give out the small 'Gospel in a Nutshell' slips with Peanuts (Ensure there is no allergies) Show the children how to use this great little tool that will help them share the Gospel with their friends. " Do you want to see what I have inside my peanut? Look Jesus is God,

DOWNLOAD French Gospel in a Nutshell slips

DOWNLOAD Creole Gospel in a Nutshell slips

He came from Heaven to earth, He lived a perfect life . etc etc."

•  Who can recite John 3:16?
(Optional: Hand clapping demo or ball tossing game)

•  How do we get this gift? ( By faith )

•  Optional: Can anyone show us how to use the Salvation Gift Box?

•  Print off the Cross and get the children to cut them out and stick them together, practice using this prop.

DOWNLOAD French Cross

DOWNLOAD Creole Cross

•  Print the 'Knock Knock Track' for them to take home, encourage them to use this to invite their friends to receive Jesus as their best friend.

DOWNLOAD French 'Knock on the Door' Take Home Track

DOWNLOAD Creole'Knock on the Door' Take Home Track

PRAYER: Heavenly Father we thank you for these wonderful children that have opened their hearts and their minds and given their life to Jesus. Thank you that you will fill them with the Holy Spirit to help them share their faith with their friends. Give them courage to be bold in sharing their faith. Keep them safe in this world until they receive their free gift of eternal life. Help them to quickly turn from anything that displeases you. Cover them in the blood of Jesus. Amen


Print the Take Home Bible Verse one for each child. Make sure the children store them safely in the folder.

This being the last session give a small prize to the child that has saved all their Take Home tracks and Activities.


DOWNLOAD French Take Home Bible Verses

DOWNLOAD Creole Take Home Bible Verses


•  Colouring pages

•  Jesus Cross

•  Gospel in a Nutshell

•  Bridge Track

•  Knock Knock Track

•  Salvation Gift Box

DOWNLOAD Take Home Activities

NEXT SESSION: This is the end of this eight part series I hope you have enjoyed these sessions


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