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Semeando a Semente de Jesus - Lição 5

(To be translated into Portuguese for the children of Mozambique)

Download Lesson #5

This week’s destination: THE SEED THAT FELL ON GOOD GROUND
The last lesson in this Sowers series focuses on the seeds that fall on good soil. The children will discover how the wonderful Word of God helps us grow Spiritually and gives us everlasting life with Jesus.

• Eternal Life
• Witnessing
• Spiritual Growth

Enough watermelons so each child can get a piece, a bowl to hold the seeds. Two black blindfolds, 4 empty water bottles filled with sand. Two balloons. Black board and chalk or card and making pen. Photo copy Bible Verse Card and Book marks, enough for each child, crayons. Moringa plant.

Get all the children to colour the Bible Verse Card and Book Markers which they will take home.

You will need to have a small watermelon cut up into several pieces. There should be one small piece of watermelon for each child. As the children eat the watermelon have them place all the watermelon seeds into a single bowl.

1. GUESSING GAME: (10 minutes)
Have them guess how many seeds may be in the bowl. Then, count the seeds and say, "Isn't it amazing that when we plant just one watermelon seed we get this delicious watermelon full of all these additional watermelon seeds! If we planted all of these seeds, we would have more watermelon than we would know what to do with!"

2. TEAM GAMES: (10 minutes)
Make two teams maybe girls and boys, select a shooter and blindfold that person one from each team. Set up goal post using empty water bottles filled with sand place them apart like goal post at the far end of the room or field. The football is a balloon and the team must give instructions to blindfolded shooter, eg kick to the right, or left, back forward, kick now, no, yes!! etc.


3. ACTIVE PRAISE CHORUS: (10 minutes)

Optional: Download Praise and Worship Music videos

4. INTIMATE WORSHIP: (5 minutes)

Prayer: Thank you Father that some seeds fell on good soil, where it produced a crop—a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown. Let our seed be sown in good soil producing good fruit. In Jesus name. Ame

a. “Back Track” Review

1. Last week where did the seeds fall? (Among the thorns.)
2. What happened to the seed (It got choked out, by the thorns.)

Optional:Download 'The Farmer and the seed' PowerPoint to review the story. 

b. Sword Play
Ready…Swords up… Mateus 13:8.. CHARGE!

E outra caiu em boa terra e deu fruto:
(Mateus 13:8)

Downloads Bible Verse Visual Aids

Read the verse together several times, then write the verse on the board. Say the verse together as a class, erase a word or two and say the verse again. Continue in this manner until the words are all erased.

Optional: Download 'The Farmer and the seed' Lesson #5 four page Bible Verse Colouring Book to print and colour

Today we will read the story about the seed that fell on good soil. It grew very well, in fact it grew so well that it produced more seed. These seeds also grew to be strong plants.

c. Teach the Lesson (15 minutes)

DOWNLOAD Lesson #5 Visual Aids

DOWNLOAD A Parábola do Semeador Animação video

Optional:Download 'The Farmer and the seed' Lesson #5 PowerPoint


Optional:Download 'The Farmer and the seed' Lesson #5 Colouring Pages to print and colour


mas o que foi semeado em boa terra é o que ouve e compreende a palavra; e dá fruto, e um produz cem, outro, sessenta, e outro, trinta.

Mateus 13: 23.

Optional: Download 'Mateus 13 verse 23 candle bookmarks.’

The Jesus seed needs fertilizer to help it grow, anyone who feeds me Spiritual food is nurturing the Jesus seed in me like my parents, teacher, Pastor.
As Christians we should be sharing our faith with others, that way other people will hear the Good News and they may become Christian. The body of Christ continues to grow when we share seeds (the Good News) with others we can share Jesus with our friends and family, pray for them, share the Good News out of the Bible, ask them to come to Sunday school. This way you will grow just like your Moringa plant is growing look at how tall it has got.

Teaching about Moringa:

Optional: Download 'Os 10 Benefícios do Chá de Moringa Para Saúde' video

(Lift up the Moringa as a visual aid)

Gram-for-gram comparison of nutritional data:
Moringa has:
• 7 x more Vitamin C than oranges
• 4 x more Vitamin A than in carrots
• 4 x more Calcium than in milk
• 3 x more Potassium than in bananas
• 2 x more Protein than in yogurt

The green leaves can be cut every 30 – 40 days.

The first wash is done in well water but the second wash is done in clean filtered or boiled water.

Ensure the area is rat free and away from direct sunlight. This process may take three days

The dry Moringa leaves are pound to create powder this makes an excellent tea.

Optional: Download English Moringa YouTube videos

Optional: Download 'Moringa Leaf Powder Processing Machine Washing Dehydrating Grinding Packaging' Moringa YouTube videos

Discussion Questions:
1. In our story today, where did the seeds fall? (Good soil.)
2. What happened to the seed that fell on good soil? (It produced a crop -- a hundred, sixty or thirty times what was sown.)
3. How does the seed falling on good soil compare to us being a Christian? (We need to share our faith with others so they can become Christians.)
4. How can we share the Good News about Jesus with others? (Tell them, pray for them, share the Good News out of the Bible, ask them to come to Sunday school.)

Extracts taken from


Those who hear the Good News and take it to heart, can accept the free gift of salvation from Jesus Christ. Encourage the kids to come forward and take a look at their hearts and evaluate what kind of soil it is. Come all who want to seek God and ask God to change their hearts to give them soft pliable hearts open to receive His Word.

CLOSING PRAYER: Heavenly Father we know that what is sown does not come to life unless it dies so we lay our lives down on the altar of service. You have promised that what a man reaps what he sows. So help us to sow seeds of love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.


Optional: Download English ‘Activity Book available for the children and can be downloaded from this website.

DownloadTake Home Bible Memory Verse'

These should be photocopied prior to the Session and available to take home.

Take home their Moringa plant, remember to water it a little each day, do not over water it.


Time for a new lesson! Nurturing the Jesus seed. Take your Moringa plant home remember to water it every other day, do not over water. Remember to bring it back. Next week we are going to learn about watering plants and a brand new game called “Jesus Says” Why not bring a friend!

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