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United Caribbean Trust Follow Me Kids Discipleship Training curriculum French teaching in Haiti United Caribbean Trust Follow Me Kids Discipleship Training curriculum French teaching in Haiti United Caribbean Trust Follow Me Kids Discipleship Training curriculum French teaching in Haiti United Caribbean Trust Follow Me Kids Discipleship Training curriculum French teaching in Haiti

(To be translated into Chichewa)

The Teacher/Trainers have the responsibility for teaching the lessons and Trainers will assist. Meet with your Trainers Teacher/Trainers prior to each lesson.


Prayer is essential. Pray for wisdom and divine guidance, pray your children, their parents, the Teacher/Trainers and Trainers and pray for divine appointments during "Fishing Trips" Identify Destination of each week's Journey using Visual Aids The main concepts or goals are listed at the beginning of each week of our Journey

Praise and Worship:

Songs have been identified to match the topics being taught, lyrics are available in big print to assist the children to sing the song. A Music sheet is available if you have a musician working with you. If you are unfamiliar with the song feel free to identify other songs from your country or area that may be more appropriate.

All materials including Lesson Plans, Visual Aids, Activity Books, Music sheets and Music Videos can all be downloaded from our English Dropbox Download Index.

(A Chichewa version will soon be uploaded.)

"Back Track" (Review)

At the beginning of each lesson, review what you taught in the previous lessons. Make sure the children have mastered the concepts, practice and review before you teach new concepts. Always review the Gospel Outline.

"Sword Play" (Memory verse)

Scriptures are listed at the beginning of each lesson. Encourage your children to memorize the Scriptures as found in the Gospel Plan. Write or print these verses and place them on the walls of the classroom. We suggest that you select the version of the Bible you will use and use it consistently to teach the children.

Understand the goals and destination of next week's Journey:

The goals and destination are listed at the beginning of each lesson review them with the Trainers to ensure that everyone understands the objectives.

Finalize Your Lesson Plan for next week's Journey:

After you are familiar with the lesson, you may choose to modify the lesson plan to better fit your needs and contextualized the material. You may choose to include some of the optional teaching activities provided. We suggest a team teaching, interactive approach with all Teacher/Trainers, Trainers and students being involved in the teaching of the session. Make sure all the Teacher/Trainers and Trainers are clear about their teaching assignments. Teach them the section of the Gospel Presentation for the next week's Journey. Teach them songs or cadences. Practice any dramas or illustrations that will be taught during the Journey.

Prepare Materials:

When your lesson plan is finalized, list the materials that will be needed and assign them to the relevant Teacher/Trainer or Trainer. Feel free to substitute readily available materials and new and creative ideas to make the lesson exciting and relevant to the children.

A separate Encountering God Handout has been produced with ideas and suggestions for that time at the end of each teaching that allows time for God to seal His Word in them through the Holy Spirit.

We believe according to Scripture, (Judges 16:26, Matthew 2:2-7,) that children will play a major role in ushering in the last great revival and our soon coming King Jesus.

With this in mind we feel that it is essential to develop not only a Salvation curriculum to teach children how to share their Faith but the fruit of the Spirit and so we have included this teaching in this series to develop character in the children.

Many of our teachers are trained in Kids In Ministry International (KIMI) and this curriculum has been developed following a similar pattern.

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