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Stonecroft Ministries Trinity Bible Study series adapted for youth in Africa
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Stonecroft Youth Trinity Series

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Stonecroft Youth Bible Study

Since this is a Bible study, our goal is to learn what the Bible says and how it applies to our lives. Stonecroft Bible Studies provide an effective way to share salvation through Jesus Christ with others.

The Guide will be trainied online, utilizing the 'Directions for Guiding Stonecroft Bible Studies Book' the 'Africa Bible Handbook' and the online 'English Training Video', produced by the Stonecrot Barbados ladies.

It is recommended that the students prepare for the lesson by completing the questions in the 'Weekly Bible Verse Reading' prior to the study. This will enhance our weekly discussion. We’ll do Lesson 1 together.

Our Bible study will start on time and lasts 60 to 90 minutes.

Since we are from various backgrounds (possible including assorted churches), we will respect each other’s opinions and beliefs.

Jenny Tryhane is the Founder of UCT seen here in Africa in 2011

More recently Jenny has, with Stonecrofts permission, adapted the Adult Stonecroft Trinity Series into a Youth Series.

Utilizing the excellent Stonecroft teaching but adding games, drama, visual aids, PowerPoints and colouring pages to make it more 'Youth friendly'

Donations from Stonecroft Babados have enabled the Stonecroft material to be translated starting with the Trinity Series.

Seen here Peggy Tryhane Caribbean District Consulting Coordinator representing Barbados at Stonecroft Headquarters.

Peggy representing Barbados

We thank Stonecroft for giving permission to translate this excellent Trinity Bible Study Series for the churches and communities in Africa.

Translation is under way into Swahili for Tanzania and Kenya, Chichewa for Malawi, French for DR Congo and Haiti.

Recently a donation from Barbados Stonecroft's Christian Women's Club will enable us to establish a 'Printing Press' in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

Thanks to our translation team that have worked to see this become a reality.

The information on this site or any printed translated material will not be sold commercially.

Links from the website will be sent to the Pastors/Guides that have internet access to enable them to teach from their phone or download the relevant Guide Training information and Guide Teaching Manual for the Youth Trinity Series.

The English Stonecroft Trinity Series, starting with - What is God like?. is available online from Stonecroft's corporate website for purchase.

This curriculum has been adapted for the women in the 'Africa Adult Stonecroft Trinity Series' starting with the 'What is God like?' and a Youth Trinity Series for the 11 -16 + year old Juniors and Youths of Africa.

This Youth Series, with extracts from the 'Adult Stonecroft Trinity Series' written by Lucille Fern Sollenberger, has been complimented with additional games, skits/drama and visual aids to make it more 'youth friendly'. Including Active Praise Chorus and Worship videos to be downloaded in each lesson.

Additional teaching PowerPoints for the youth and Colouring pages for the Juniors have been sourced from Bible For Children your favorite stories from the Bible, absolutely free and now in 502 different languages!

Further resources from Sermons4Kids are being utilized including object lessons, children's activities, Bible colouring pages, games, and crafts.

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