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United Caribbean Trust is desirous of partnering with various International Ministries and Organizations and is seeking permission to translate and adapt some of the teaching to use in the Africa Training Bible School in Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, and DR Congo as well as adapt them to suit the youth in our communities within the Caribbean especially in Haiti and in Africa.

One such International Organization Stonecroft has been approached and has given permission to translate their Stonecroft Bible Studies. This work has begun with the Trinity Series.

Recently Evangelist Jenny Tryhane has, with Stonecrofts permission, adapted the Adult Stonecroft Trinity Series into a Youth Series.

Utilizing the excellent Stonecroft teaching but adding games, drama, visual aids, PowerPoints and colouring pages to make it more 'Youth friendly'

Donations from Stonecroft Babados have enabled the Stonecroft material to be translted starting with the Trinity Series.

Seen here Peggy Tryhane Caribbean District Consulting Coordinator representing Barbados at Stonecroft Headquarters.

Peggy representing Barbados

  Translation is under way into Swahili for Tanzania and Kenya, Chichewa for Malawi, French for DR Congo and Haiti.

Four 15 minute English Stonecroft Training Videos have been created by the women of Stonecroft Barbados, including Peggy Tryhane, the Barbados Stonecroft Area Representative, who is also the Treasures and Co Founder of United Caribbean Trust.

These English Stonecroft Training Videos will be used to assist with training Guides in Africa once all the translations have been complete.

An African Stonecroft Bible Studies Handbook has been created and is being translated to further assist with the training of the Guides.

Our main objective is to establish our 'Drop of Hope School Project' in the various countries were we already have excellent contacts.

Optional: Download 'Drop of Hope Schol Project'' English PowerPoint

As the ladies come to draw and filter their water in the BioSand Filter Site it is our aim to establish the Stonecroft 'Living Water Bible Club'. The children accompanying them can get involved in our children's curriculum and the Youth can join our Stonecroft Youth Discipleship Training

Demonstrating the love of God by helping communities acquire desperately needed clean water, and experience 'living water'-the Gospel of Jesus Christ-which alone satisfies the deepest thirst.


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