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Four fifteen minute Stonecroft Guide Training videos, under the direction of Peggy Tryhane, the Barbados Area Representative, have been created in an attempt by the Barbados Stonecroft Bible Study ladies to train the Guides that will take Stonecroft Bible Studies into many African countries.


Jenny Tryhane, the founder of United Caribbean Trust, personally thanked the ladies of Stonecroft Ministries Barbados for doing such a sterling job on creating this video.

Jenny as many of you will remember from her first visit to Africa in 2011, is also the founder of the Africa Bureau of Children Discipleship (ABCD) an African charitable Organisation dedicated to infusing hope, health and happy memories by improving the quality of lives for the African women and children through several key programmes.

She is particularly honoured to have men of God with integrity such as Bishop David Akondowi from Tanzania and Rev Abraham Kisembo from Uganda on her board of Directors in Africa.

Jenny introduced Peggy Tryhane, her mum, who has been actively involved in Stonecroft since 1973 becoming a guide in 1980 and was appointed District Consulting Coordinator in 1990 and in 1996 appointed the Barbados Area Representative a position that she hold to date.
Peggy started Video 1 by sharing the mission of Stonecroft Ministries which is to equip and encourage women to impact their communities with the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ and to make Him know by presenting the Biblical message of Salvation.

Peggy introduced Janice McKay who is a Guide and our Prayer Coordinator, she shared on Stonecroft Ministries vision, past history and the present management.

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Janis shared the Vision of Stonecroft Ministries to provide global leadership in reaching women for Jesus Christ.

Stonecroft Ministries equips and encourages women in making Jesus Christ known. Evangelism is our focus-central to every ministry effort.

Our passion is to reach women of every age, every stage, and every face with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Janice as a Barbados Stonecroft Guide and Prayer Coordinator shared that prayer is the foundation and backbone of everything we do at Stonecroft.

Jesus said, "Apart from me, you can do nothing"

June Moore, a Barbados Stonecroft Guide and Bible Study Coordinator introduced the Stonecroft Bible Studies to her sisters in Africa.

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"Welcome to Stonecroft Bible Studies we make the Word of God accessible to everyone, no matter where they may be on their spiritual journey.

We pray and expect that these studies will open up many opportunities for you to be equipped and encouraged to impact your community with the Gospel of Jesus Christ"

Joyce Walters, who is also a Guide and one of our previous Prayer Coordinators, started off Video 3 by introducing the Stonecroft Statement of Faith.

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Statement of Faith:
• Stonecroft Ministries believes in the supernatural and total, full, complete inspiration of the Scriptures— the Bible is free from error and its teachings and authority are absolute, supreme and final.
• We believe the Trinity of the Godhead—God, the Father; God, the Son; and God, the Holy Spirit;
• We believe the personality of God; the personality and deity of Jesus Christ (Jesus Christ and God are one; Jesus Christ is God incarnate in the flesh), begotten of the Holy Spirit, born of the Virgin Mary, very God and very Man; the personality of the Holy Spirit;
• We believe the resurrection of Jesus Christ—that His body was raised from the dead, according to the Scriptures and that He ascended into heaven and sits at the right hand of God as the believer’s Advocate;
• We believe in the sinfulness of man—that all human beings are born with a sinful nature, are totally depraved, and need a Saviour from sin;
• We believe in the atonement—that Jesus Christ became the sinner’s sacrifice before God when He shed His blood and died as the payment for the sins of the whole world;
• We believe the necessity of the new birth—salvation is by grace, through faith, and not of works. Saving faith will maintain good works in the life of the believer;
• We believe in the literal resurrection of the body—both of the just and the unjust;
• We believe in the everlasting blessedness of the saved and the everlasting punishment of the lost;
• We believe in the evangelization of the world—the supreme mission of God’s people in this age is to preach the Gospel to every person;
• We believe in the second coming of Christ, according to the Scriptures.

Finally Jenny introduced the Africa Women’s Empowerment Program (AWEP)

Under normal circumstances lessons should not exceed 1 hour particularly if the Bible Study is part of the Africa Women’s Empowerment Program (AWEP) because the ladies will have to leave and start their Vocational Training Lessons.

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At the same time as the AWEP students are enjoying their Bible Study their child will be attending our Hope Early Life Learning Organization (HELLO) Club to be trained in the Ways of God through the Africa Bureau of Children's Discipleship (ABCD) curriculum and Kids in Ministry International program.

As many of you may know, Jenny Tryhane spent many months in Africa introducing this excellent children’s curriculum and this will be very much a part of the AWEP children’s ministry along with Kids Evangelism and Youth Discipleship Programs.

Initially the locations will be:
1. Tanzania – House of Freedom Mbeya
2. Uganda– Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries
3. Malawi – Africa Training Bible School
4. DR Congo - Africa Training Bible School
5. Idjwi Island in DR Congo
6. Mozambique - Africa Training Bible School
7. Nigeria - Royal-Gold Global Sports Ministries
8. Cross River Nigeria
9. Kenya - Kisumu and Nairobi

Thanks to Stonecroft for allowing us to use their excellent Trinity Series and reach the unreached with such good solid Bible Study material.

Pray for those who will be attending the Bible Study.

Dear Lord, we come before you with praise and thanksgiving, we worship and glorify your mighty name.

We thank you for the ministry of Stonecroft in providing this video that will train the Guides necessary to take the Gospel of Jesus into many African countries.

I pray that the people’s hearts will be willing and receptive to receive from you.

I pray that everyone will be challenged, changed and edified by the ministry of Your Holy Word

Give them the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation to practically apply the truth they hear in their daily lives and may they be strengthened by the ministry of Your Word.

Bless the people of Africa and bless all who assisted with this video in Jesus name we pray.

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