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Stonecroft - Who is Jesus?
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We thank Stonecroft for giving permission to translate this excellent Trinity Bible Study Series for the churches and communities in Africa. It has been translated into French for DR Congo and Haiti. Swahili for Tanzania and Chichewa for Malawi. Thanks to our translation team that have worked to see this become a reality.

The information on this site or any printed translated material will not be sold commercially

Links from the website will be sent to the Pastors/Guides that have internet access to enable them to teach from their phone or download the relevant Guide Training information and Guide Books as well as the six Study Books in this 'Who is Jesus?' Series.

Make the discovery of who Jesus is and how you can know Him personally! Many people thought Jesus was dangerous, delusional or worse. But others couldn't discount the authority of His words and actions.

This study will help them learn why Jesus came to earth, what His coming has to do with them, and whether they will ever see Him.
(6 lessons)

The English version of Who is Jesus? is available online from Stonecroft's corporate website.


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