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A few essentials –
Become approved as a Stonecroft Guide by completing the Stonecroft Bible Studies application form that has been translated into Swahili for our Tanzania applicants.

We want to know your church affiliation and position.

We want to be sure that after reading the Stonecroft Ministries Policies and Statement of Faith that you do not have any concerns.

Materials needed for the study:
1. The Introductory Trinity Study Books have been translated into Swahili can be obtained from the ATBS Headquartes, Mbeya, Tanzania
2. Guidebooks can be obtained from the ATBS Headquartes, Mbeya, Tanzania
3. The Swahili Union Bible can be obtained from the Tanzania Bible Society.
4. Would You Believe It? Has also been translated into Swahili and can be obtained from the ATBS Headquartes, Mbeya, Tanzania
5. Information cards have also been translated into Swahili and can be obtained from the ATBS Headquartes, Mbeya, Tanzania
6. Guide’s Stonecroft Bible Study Application Form can be obtained from the ATBS Headquartes, Mbeya, Tanzania
Find a convenient location for your Bible Study. Consider having the study in a home, church hall, school hall on a Saturday or even outdoors under the shade of a large Tropical tree.

Complete the lesson by writing your answers in the Study Book before reading the Guidebook. This will help you understand the thought process others will go through to reach the needed responses.

• Practice reading the lesson aloud, if possible. Underline the key words and phrases that will help you present the lesson to the group. Under normal circumstances lessons should not exceed 1 – 1 1/2 hours particularly if the Bible Study is part of the Africa Women’s Empowerment Program (AWEP) because the ladies will have to leave and start their Vocational Training Lessons.

At the same time as AWEP students are enjoying their Bible Study their child will be attending their PowerClub to be trained in the ways of God through Africa Bureau of Children’s Discipleship Curriculum including the Grow and Go curriculum alongside the Drop of Hope Organic Kitchen Garden project as well as the 'Kids in Ministry International' curriculum and other children’s ministry including Kids Evangelism and Youth Discipleship Programs.

Initially the locations will be:
Tanzania – Africa Training Bible School (ATBS) – Mbeya Tanzania
Uganda – Hope Community Centre, Kampala
Malawi – Africa Training Bible School (ATBS) – Uluwa and Vulwa, Malawi

• Pray for those who will be attending the Bible Study.

Always start the lesson with prayer. If someone voices a request, suggest that the group write it on the Prayer Request page at the back of the Study Book as a reminder to pray during the week

If the request is urgent, include it in your opening prayer.
Remember that at the first session of each series eg ‘Who is Jesus?’ each person will write her answers in the Study Book during the first lesson. For the remainder of that study encourage the group to complete the lesson prior to the meeting filling in the answers in their Study Book before coming to class.

Read and present the information in the Guide book in a conversational way, while maintaining eye contact. The Guide is studying and learning with the rest of the group; you don’t have to be an expert in the Bible.

The Guide sets the tone and pace of the study by:
• Starting and ending on time, remember many of these Bible Studies will be in conjunction with the Stonecroft Women’s Empowerment Program, so the mums will have to leave and go onto their Vocational Training Program afterwards.
• Use the Guide book and Swahili Union Bible or the relevant translated Bible in other countries, no other supplemental material is needed.
• Encourage everyone to participate in the discussion and seeing that no one dominates. Be kind as you encourage others to participate without upsetting the person that is dominating the meeting.
• Keep the focus on the study of Jesus Christ, not doctrinal, political or social issues. Doctrinal questions are best handled in another setting.

Always look for those in your group who would make good Guides for future studies.

As a Guide be an example of discretion. Discourage people from discussing things that should be kept confidential such as domestic disputes. Apart from the group setting, pray with them and encourage them to seek appropriate Godly counsel.

After the Stonecroft Women’s Empowerment Program is completed, any potential Guides should be identified and trained enabling the qualified students to return to their homes taking the Stonecroft Bible Studies with them into their village.

Ask participants to think of people who they can invite to another Bible Study. Encourage them to begin praying for each other by name.

Important Reminders
• If you are unable to lead the Bible Study for any reason, an approved and trained substitute should be called upon to take your place.
• You do not hand your Guide book over to another class member.


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