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Dear Servant of God

Greetings in the precious name of our Lord Jesus Christ, by whose blood we stand blameless before our heavenly father;

It is a privilege to share with you what God has done in my life and Ministry. I can not take for granted the grace of God imputed upon me by our Lord and master Jesus Christ. I was brought up in a poor family where by I still remember the grass thatched house I grew up in and how hardly we could get second hand clothes and meals. But now I can speak, write and share in English, some thing I consider one of the miracles of my life, because given the level of poverty I grew up in, I could not imagine God bringing me this far. This testimony might look minor before you but to me it means a lot. We are serving a God who fulfills his word. He gets his people from dust and makes them sit with Kings. My eyes welled up with tears when I received my air ticked to Tanzania on 10th, August 2008 without paying a coin. God paid the bill because I am his child whom he deployed in a mission field. When God calls us he also provides for us. Hallelujah!!!

Dear Servant of God, allow me to share with you my encounter with Jesus. I am called Abraham Kisembo born on 4th, day of September 1979 in the District of Kasese within Uganda. God called me into ministry when I was still a child. At ten years of age I was already active in the Sunday school where God raised me to lead the Youth into Discipleship and Evangelism. This I did in schools where I used to study from and in the local church.

In 1997 an armed conflict was staged in my district of jurisdiction (Bundibugyo) Western Uganda for five years up to 2002. About 600,000 people were displaced into camps and depended on food aid from World Food Program of the United Nations. By that time I was in upper secondary but due to scarcity of funds I dropped out of school after level four. Knowing that God is my provider I kept my self busy in the service of the Lord, leading evening fellowships, Gospel outreaches in camps and at times my Pastor gave me an opportunity to preach in the main service. Even though the situation was very hard to the extent that one could hardly see the Love of God, his living word gave me hope for a future. God kept reminding me that he has good plans for me; plans not to harm me but to give me hope and a future.

It is at that time in 1999 when God send a stranger BUT who has become part of my life. This was a tourist from UK called Tom Kay. He found me leading an evening fellowship on the court yard of the Town Mayor whom I had requested to allow me hold the Youth evening fellowships in his compound. Being a Christian, Tom was moved by our determination and decided to join us, God touched him and asked me what he would offer me.
I told him that I wanted to go to a Bible school. He offered to pay for my tuition and a year later I joined Youth with A mission (YWAM) in Jinja Uganda through his support.

While at YWAM the spirit of God convicted me to pray and fast, remember my home district was still being pounded by bombs and many people were being announced dead by local radios and news papers. I thought may be some thing is wrong with my Parents. It was on 22nd, May 1999, I obeyed the Holy Spirit and prayed and Fasted the whole day, while in the mood of prayer the presence of God overwhelmed me and I fell prostrate on ground. I heard clearly the voice of God calling me for a Faith Power Ministry. God told me he had set me apart for his divine purpose and that whatever I was going through was training for me. God told me to wait for the right time and that he will be with me in every situation. Fellow Servant of God, when I had that encounter with the Lord, I shed tears and felt very light on ground. From that moment Servants of God kept prophesying in my life the same things which confirmed God’s dealings in my life.

After a period of nine months, I returned back home and joined my Church as was my routine behavior before. In the year 2000 my Pastor was given a transfer to another place but our church was not given another Pastor to take over the Pastoral role. A team of elders went to the headquarters where I was inclusive asking for a Pastor but we were told the Lord will provide. Being an active Youth in the Church I ministered to God’s people by the grace given to me but to my surprise and amazement people started calling me Pastor which I vehemently refused and denied. Little did I know that God was grooming me for a future ministry.

At that time God rebuked me not to complain but to stand firm. I gave my self to prayer and even fasting but all the same the Spirit of God was encouraging me to stand firm. I stood and served in my local church until 2004 when God clearly called me specifically to begin Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries. I did not know how and where to begin from but God brought people into my life who helped me to put things together and in the same year 2004 we registered the Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries-Uganda with the Ministry of Local Government at the District Level and in 2006 we acquired a national registration status and recognition as a faith based none profit making organization by the Ministry of Internal affairs.

As I talk now we have established a series of Ministries as follows;

1. The Women Ministry
2. The Youth Ministry
3. The Children Ministry
4. The Mercy Ministry
5. The Orphans Ministry

By God’s grace we have managed to build on the word of God to respond to some of the needs of these categories of people above. We don’t have funders but the church has been taught to stand by faith and seed into the ministry and I have seen God taking us from one level to another.

We started an Orphanage school three years a go, which is headed by Pastor Juliet the Wife to our Mission’s Director. The aim of establishing the orphanage centre was derived from many educational needs of children who lost their parents during the war. Their guardians register them with us and the ministry caters for their education, school uniform and meals while at school. However they commit back home because our financial base can not support a boarding school and we don’t have boarding facilities. Orphans who don’t have guardians stay in the homes of Pastors for care and support. Currently the school has three classes with 120 children. The school does not have its own premises but we rent a house where lessons are conducted.

We also realized there was a big need of training Church leaders and other ministers. In Uganda most church leaders say that they depend on the guidance of the Holy Spirit but don’t go for any formal training of Biblical nature. This belief of depending on the Holy Spirit alone has caused many Pastor to error and crash without knowing and even interpreting scriptures out of context which is now a big problem to the body of Christ. As a ministry, we have started a Bible training centre where Ministers of the Gospel and aspiring Ministers gather once a week for at least six hours and are guided through a number of topics by our Trained Bible Instructors. So far the topics covered for the a ward of a certificate in Ministry are:

1 Homiletics
2 Establishing a devotional habit
3 Tithing and Giving.
4 Faith and Faith Growth.
5 Soul Wining
6 Planning for Church Growth.
7 Praise and Worship
8 Marriage.

Faith Power Bible training Centre still lack resource books and other materials that can make it more beneficial to the learners. The Centre is being hosted by one of our Churches (Butukuru Faith Power Pentecostal Church) which has access to the main road. Twenty two learners are at the moment being taken through the course by Rev. Israel Kamujenga (Centre head) and his co-instructor Pastor Musoke Tom

The Women Ministry is headed by Pastor Sarah Robinah, wife to Senior Pastor Abraham Kisembo and President of Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries-Uganda. Women hold conferences, Pray together and have a pocket which they use to support each other in case a need a raises or when some one is sick. The Women Ministry has taken up the intercessory role of the ministry and their principle of Love for one another has drawn many people to Christ. Pastor Sarah has taught women to be examples in the Community and to be innovative. In a bid to implement what they are taught, women have come up with hand craft making project and Goat rearing which has boosted their homes financially and the Church as well.

The Youth have established a brick making project in addition to their vibrant role in conducting community outreaches. Brick making project helps them to raise some money for support during Gospel outreaches. The Ministry has experienced increase in membership due to this vibrant Youth Ministry. To God be the Glory.

We feel God is leading us to begin a prison Ministry. A voice is echoing in my hearings to get up and reach to the physical prisoners although we are ministering to spiritual prisoners. I trust God for sufficient grace as I organize to embark on such challenging field. Challenging because the distance from my home to the prison is 8 kilometers, this will mean walking sixteen kilometers (To and from the prison) every time I set out to go and preach to the prisoners. I know with God all things are possible. Stand with us in prayer.

Our Plan and Proposal

Pastor Abraham Kisembo
President: Faith Power Pentecostal Ministries-Uganda

E-mail: united_caribbean@yahoo.com

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