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Nuer Sowing Seeds of Success


Welcome to our children's Reforestation Educational Curriculum 'Sowing Seeds of Success'. African dialects are being translated such as a Nuer version for the children of South Sudan. African translations include a Swahili version for the children of East Africa. Chichewa yet to be translated for the children of Malawi. A Portuguese curriculum for the children of Mozambique, English for the children of the Caribbean as well as a Dutch version created for the children of Suriname. We are working on a French version especially created for the children of Haiti and DR Congo.

This Educational Curriculum, once translated, will teach the children how plants grow, what they needed for good natural growth, how to nurish plants, to prune and graft fruit trees and much much more...

Optional: Download 'Seed Germination' English video

Deforestation in Africa has devastating impacts on the continent's climate, ecosystems, and biodiversity. Cutting down trees would reduce the forests' ability to absorb carbon dioxide and generate rainfall, exposing territories to severe droughts and worsening the ongoing water crisis that has plagued Africa for decades.

Forest assets of South Sudan have been seriously degraded by the prolonged conflict affecting the country. A number of case studies conclude that annual forest loss was on average 2% a year , a rate which if sustained, would lead to complete forest loss within 50 years!

What are the causes of deforestation in Sudan?

Agricultural expansion and over-cutting of trees for fuelwood are important causes of deforestation in arid and semi-arid countries such as Sudan. The consequence is increased desertification and high erosion and loss of soil nutrients leading to declining agricultural productivity.

Our 'Sowing Seeds of Success' educational curriculum will work to reeducate the children around the world on the value of planting trees, especially Moringa trees!

They will be reminded that Jesus is the true vine, and God the Father is the Gardener.

Optional: Download 'John 15: 1' English Bible Verse Visual Aid.

Optional: Download 'John 15: 1' Nuer Bible Verse Visual Aid for the children of South Sudan

The children can colouring these Visual Aids on arrival in the class to be used to assist to teach the lesson.

Seeds come in different shapes and sizes, but every seed carries within it all the potential and the promise of what it can become.

Optional: Download 'What plants need to grow ' English video

Every seed consists of an embryo and a food store, surrounded and protected by an outer seed coat. The food store is large enough to allow the plant to grow its first leaves so that it can start producing its own food.

Under the right conditions, this perfect little "bundle" will grow and develop into a new plant, which in turn will provide food and shelter, or simply beauty, to us all.

Optional: Download 'Seed germination' English colouring page.

Optional: Download 'Seed germination' Nuer colouring page for the children of South Sudan.


Optional: Download 'Seed germination English Bible Verse Visual Aids' to colour


Optional: Download 'Seed germination Bible Verse Visual Aids' to colour



In order to grow, develop and become a healthy new plant, every seed needs a few basic ingredients.

Optional: Download 'What a Plant Needs to Survive' English music video

Remember the children learnt in our 'Grow and Go' series that they all require different types of soils, water, sunlight, time and just the right temperature to flourish and grow.

Botanists will tell you that the soil determines the health and strength of a plant. The better the soil, the healthier, the more fruitful and stronger the plant will be.

In this series we will learn all about that in the 'Parable of the Sower'

Optional: Download 'Parable of the Sower' English video

Optional:Download Bible for Children: 'The Farmer and the seed' English PowerPoint, and take home track.

Optional:Download Bible for Children: 'The Farmer and the seed' Nuer Bible Verse colouring pages.

Optional: Download Bible for Children 'The Farmer and the seed' English Colouring Pages


In Jesus' story, the seed represents the word of God and the soil represents the people who hear the word. Many times people hear the word of God, but they don't understand it. They don't take it in. That is like the seed on the footpath. The evil one comes and takes away the seed that has been planted in their heart before it has the opportunity to grow in their life.

The seed that fell on rocky soil represents those who hear the word and receive it with great joy, but when the newness wears off and the excitement fades, they drift away because they don't have deep roots.

The seed that fell among the weeds represents people who hear God's word and believe what it says, but soon the message is crowded out by the worries of life and the desire to get more stuff. If seed is planted in a bunch of weeds, the weeds will soon take over!

A person who hears God's word, tries to understand what it says and put it into practice in their daily life is like good soil. In good soil, the seed takes root and grows and produces a plentiful harvest. That is the kind of soil that Jesus wants us to be. What kind of soil are you?

Scientists will tell you that every living thing needs water , and a seed is no different.

Optional: Download 'Why do plants need water?' English video

Water is vital to the seed because it's what helps it absorb nutrients from the soil and it's what helps it germinate. Seeds do this by absorbing the water and breaking through the shell to take root.

That is why in the 'Go and Grow' Series we had an entire Nuer 'Grow and Go Water Series' for the children of South Sudan

The sunlight provides the warmth and the energy needed for the seed to grow and develop.

Light is what shows it which way is up and allows it to know where to place its leaves. It also helps it develop fruit.

Optional: Download 'What foods do plants need to grow?' English video

Time is essential for germination and growth. Time is a process.

You can't slow time or hurry it up; it goes at its own pace and allows the seed to germinate, develop and grow, until it reaches full growth and becomes fruitful itself.

Optional: Download 'How do trees grow?' English video

Finally, temperature is important in the germination process. If a seed is in an environment lacking the right temperature its chance of success is severely limited, even if all the other elements are present. If it's too hot, it will dry up and if it's too wet, it will rot. Both extremes will result in the seed's death.

All of these ingredients are essential, if the seed is to unlock the full promise and potential it carries, and if it is to develop into what it is meant to be.

The same is true for the Christian. We need certain ingredients if we're to develop and grow and become fruitful and mature.

Every seed carries within it all the potential and promise of what it can become - Christ First

Next week we will start our Nuer

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