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Stonecroft Ministries Trinity Bible Study series adapted for youth in Africa
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Antiochie Paranam has four Kinder Clubs

UCT has been partnering with Antiochie Paranam for many years they have four Kinder Clubs where dedicated teachers bring the Good News to the Bush Negroes children.

This one is in urgent need of siding so that the club can be held irrelevant of the weather.

Bush Negroe children Bush Negroe children
Bush Negroe children

Some of the Kinder Clubs are made up of a lean too shack next to a 'Sisters' home.

Help is needed to refurbish these and establish more suitable meeting places.

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Antiochie Paranam has four Kinder Clubs

We urgently need to be able to fund a translator who will work through the Suriname Bible Society to translate the Stonecroft Bible Studies and other children's literature into Sranan and Dutch.

This could be provided through the Women's Empowerment Sponsorship Program where a portion is allocated to allow the sponsored mother to bring a child to the Kinder Club to be fed physically and Spiritually at least once a week.

For an additional US $10 mum can bring a second child to the Kinder Club

Suriname Bush Negroe children.

During the Kinder Club there will be a variety of activities in addition to the Stonecroft Bible Studies for the children and their mums.

We are looking at the introduction of different children's educational and empowerment ministries.


Jenny took KIMI to Suriname early this year. To establish Kinder Clubs now called PowerClubs in many of the local churches, some are held in backyards, neutral locations, schools, slums, ghettos, and homes. While some of the leaders are experienced children's ministers, many others have never worked with children before, but have caught the vision of taking children further into the things of the Spirit. In many places starting an official PowerClub outside a local church is in essence "planting a church of children" because it is likely the only church many of these children will ever have the privilege of going to.

Seen here the Bible Students during the KIMI training in Suriname

Early Childhood Music

Early Childhood Music

We have a life-changing program that works! Music research shows that children who are involved in preschool piano lessons with singing have greater brain function that lasts their entire lifetime.

And that is just the beginning. Music lessons also help develop the characteristics that you want developed in your child.

Characteristics like social skills and perseverance.

Seen here the children in America that are experiencing excellent results from the program.

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Early Childhood Music

Character First

A community-wide character program should provide tools to saturate a whole community, from the classroom to the workplace. This approach reinforces parental involvement and ensures character education in the classroom harmonizes with character education in the family

The Character First! Education program and curriculum enables school staff and students to enhance the effectiveness of education, help students understand the role of character in their success, and provide resources and tools for school administrators and teachers to use as they develop a culture of good character in their institutions.

Across the nation and around the world, teachers, parents, and principals have reported the difference character is making in the lives of their students.

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Kids' Evangelism Explosion is based on the belief that kids can share the Gospel and it is the responsibility of parents and pastors of the church to teach them how to do so.

We believe the Great Commission is for everyone, not just adults or even youth. Kids' EE lays a foundation for spiritual growth in children and enables youngsters to respond with excitement and enthusiasm to Jesus' command to all of us to be His witnesses. It develops a world-view that is framed by the recognition that without faith in Jesus we are all lost in our sins.

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