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Stonecroft - Yoruba Translation
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Who we are:

Stonecroft exists to help women reconcile to God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Our staff inspires, equips, and encourages women to reach women with the Gospel, each one – where she is, as she is.

Since 1938, hundreds of thousands of women have been transformed through the Gospel because our Stonecroft women shared the Gospel with them. Approximately 15,000 volunteers across the United States currently invite the women around them to hear God’s story of redemption.

Our vision is to usher in an unprecedented move of God as wom­en courageously share the Gospel of Jesus Christ right where they live.

What we do:

Every believer has a desire to see others experience the love and redemption of Jesus. However, many Christians feel a disconnect between this inward passion and their own perceived ability to share their faith. Stonecroft bridges the gap between the call and the culture. We build local volunteer teams that seek God together to imagine and implement bold avenues of Gospel outreach that are powerful and relevant.

Our volunteers experience inward transformation as they join like-minded women to bring the amazing Gospel message to their communities. They participate in the joy of joining a movement bigger than themselves, develop deep and lasting friendships, and learn to use their gifts and leadership skills to serve other women with life-changing words.

Stonecroft History

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