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Africa Womens Empowerment Program
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This Stonecroft Bible Study program is designed to work alongside the Africa Women’s Empowerment Program (AWEP) This is a partnership between Stonecroft and United Caribbean Trust (UCT). At UCT we believe that women with access to education, leadership training, basic rights and empowerment, will transform a society and the world.
Mothers within the Africa Women’s Empowerment Program are enrolled for a minimum of one year.

Each month she will be entitled to attend a weekly ‘Encountering God’ devotional time, utilizing the Stonecroft Bible Study materials, translated into her native language.
She will also be able to attend a variety of Empowerment classes such as Dressmaking,, Computer skills, Moringa Processing, etc.

US $40 per month will support her year-long participation in a Life Skills Program that will provide her with leadership education, vocational and technical skills and training, instrumental in ensuring that she receives the tools she needs to regain her strength and stability and access to income generation support.

But above all it will open the door of opportunity to introduce her to the Stonecroft Bible Study and Leadership material.

She will also be entitled to bring one child at the same time to attend the After School Feeding Club to be fed physically and Spiritually.

It is our desire to reach out to the women in Tanzania, Uganda and Malawi initially in a way that demonstrates God’s love while empowering them to free themselves from poverty and be fed Spiritually.

We salute Stonecroft for coming on board what a wonderful way to target thousands of young women in the 10/40 window.


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