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Tone la Matumaini - Tanzania

TANZANIA will be subdivided initially into two Phases.

Phase #1

  • Dar Es Salam, the capital
  • Mbeya in south west
  • Tunduma on the border between Tanzania and Zambia.

Phase #2

  • Morogoro
  • Tukuyu
  • Chunya
Phase #1: Zone #1 - Dar Es Salam, Tanzania Calvary Tabernacle Church hosted the Dar Es Salaam KIMI three day PowerClub leadership training and one day Child Evangelism program. 80 new PowerClub leaders were trained with over 30 new PowerClubs birthed.

This was years ago as Evangelist Jenny Tryhane, founder of United Caribbean Trust (UCT) and Trustee of ABCD, traveled to Africa to train the leaders that she hoped would one day work with her on the 'Drop of Hope School Project'


The KIMI Dar Es Salaam coordinator - Pastor Imanuel Mwamakola is one such leader.

Seen here on right, with Bishop David Akondowi and Evangelist Jenny

Phase #1: Zone #2 - Mbeya the 'Drop of Hope School Project' will be spearheaded by Bishop David Akondowe our UCT Tanzania representative and a Director of ABCD. He is the Senior Pastor of the House of Prayer and Freedom

Bishop David is the Dean and the Executive Director of the African Training Bible School (ATBS) now reaching around 400 pastors in four countries of Africa, Tanzania, DR Congo, Malawi and Zambia.

Working with wonderful young men such as Teacher Nicodemus Kasumba who came to Mbeya to go thought the KIMI Leadership training in Mbeya in preparation for his translation duties in Tunduma.

He worked with Jenny in the fifth KIMI PowerClub Leadership Training in Tanzania with 127 new PowerClub leaders trained and over 30 churches represented.

On the fourth day of training he was actively involved in the Children's Evangelism training of the FunTastic Fun Fair .

Mbeya will be used as our Tanzania Headquarters for training the Children's Ministers from Malawi, Zambia, DR Congo (Southern Zone) for establishing a Printing Press and Curriculum assembly line to enable hundreds of curriuculum to be distributed to the local churches and schools.

The Grow and Go curriculum is educational and empowering children's curriculum has already been translated into SWAHILI for Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, South Sudan, Mozambique, Malawi and Zambia.


A Swahili version has been translated for the children of Tanzania, and East Africa.


Phase #1 - Zone #3: Tunduma

Another key contact has been made at the Tunduma Africa Training Bible School Centre in Tanzania.Tunduma is a border town between Tanzania and Zambia. It lies in Tanzania, in the Mbeya Region.

Pastor Maiko was selected as the KIMI Tunduma Coordinator and he is seen here distributing the KIMI manual and curriculum. Thanks to all that worked so hard to translate this material and everyone that sponsored the printing of this material.

Connections like these will be invaluable when it comes to introducing our 'Drop of Hope School Project' into the many Primary schools in Tunduma.

Phase #2

  • Zone #1 Morogoro
  • Zone #2 Tukuyu
  • Zone #3 Chunya

Phase #2- Zone #1 Morogoro

A city in the eastern part of Tanzania 196 kilometres west of Dar es Salaam. The capital of the Morogoro Region. ATBS has a vibrant chapter and we are considering it as part of our second phase for the 'Drop of Hope School Project' due to the number of schools in the area as well as an Agriculture College

Phase #2 - Zone #2 Tukuyu

Tukuyu is home to another ATBS, it is a small hillside town that lies about 36 miles south of the city of Mbeya, at an elevation of around 5,000 ft in the highland Rungwe District of southern Tanzania.

Tukuyu has numerous Primary and Secondary schools it even boasts a Teachers College.

ATBS has a chapter there and we are considering it as part of our second phase for the 'Drop of Hope School Project'

Working in association with one of our Goshen Africa Glamping Mission Holiday Tanzania Eco destinations.

We are hoping to source around 20 acres in this beautiful area.

Tukuyu is known for some of its popular attractions, which include: Mount Rungwe hiking and birdwatching, Malasusa Falls, Malamba Waterfalls, Henry Mokiwa and the famous Kaporogwe water falls.

Kaporogwe water falls is one of the notable tourist attractions in Mbeya region, where there's a natural huge water drop approximately 18km from the small town of Tukuyu.  The falls is well decorated by the presence of a cave which provides an entrance for tourists to enjoy the visibility of these catastrophic falls from within .

Phase #2 - Zone #3 Also included in Phase #2 is the Chunya ATBS, Chunya District one of the eight districts of the Mbeya Region of Tanzania.

Working with the Chunya Africa Training Bible School Center (ATBS) where Biship David is training the untrained Pastors from the Safwa and Sukuma tribes.

These tribes are un reached tribes according to Joshua projects and the ATBS Chunya Center is very vital in the area.
We are delighted to include them in this Phase #2 of the 'Drop of Hope School Project' and with the numerous Primary schools in the area it is an excellent choice.


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