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Nuer Drop of Hope - Youth After School Sports Bible Club

Many of our Drop of Hope projects will be located next to or close to local schools, churches or our African Goshen Agro Glamping Mission Resorts

On visiting one of our many Glamping Resorts missionaries will find there will be a variety of different 'Ministry' opportunities for these young missionaries to get involved in:

  1. Drop of Hope Bio Sand production and the 'Living Water' Bible Club. Utilizing the adult version of the Stonecroft Bible Study material, translated into variouse African languages, to be translated into Nuer for the ladies of South Sudan and Ethiopia.
  2. Drop of Hope Kitchen Garden Project Utiliizing 'Grow and Go' children's curriculum.
  3. Moringa Production and Processing plus introduction to our Sowing Seeds of Success' Moringa children's curriculum
  4. Sports Evangelism and Youth Discipleship Training including Youth After School Sports Bible Club. We will be using an adapted Stonecroft Bible Studytranslated into numerous African languages for this initiative.

Phase #1 will be to establish a bore-hole following a geological survey to confirm water availability. Before commencing drilling, a bore-hole needs a drilling permit and an environmental report. Once drilled, the bore-hole must be lined with steel casing to stop the bore-hole collapsing and to screen out the large sand particles from entering the pump.

Installation of the pump:

The cost of solar has decreased over the years so the main choices now are solar verses grid electricity. The higher initial cost of solar will be offset long term by the lower running costs. Sunlight in Africa is very reliable and very predictable. Countries on the equator are not short of sunlight!



Solar only produces water when it is sunny or bright. To match supply to demand, it is usual to add water tanks. In this case, 2 tanks were added, both 5000L each. The top tank is used to gravity feed water to the school and the bottom tank supplies water to the community taps. If both tanks are empty, it will take about 1 day of sunlight to fill them.

Solar panels and controller.

Investment into a 40 ' Energy Container for uninterrupted off-grid power supply


The Intech Energy Containers is a solution to deliver energy to rural areas. Each container is equipped with a photovoltaic system and a lithium-ion battery backup. Every system comprises a monitoring system which allows the customers but also Intech īs engineers to access the data online.

All Intech Energy Containers are pre- assembled, pre-tested and pre-configured before shipment which ensures a fast and cost-efficient implementation.This will not only power the pump but provide a flood light sports playing field in Phase #3

Information sourced from www.osiligi.org

Christian sports teams and sports outreach and evangelism trips can bring together your athletic skills and your love for Christ in a compelling way; a way that can change the lives of others, too.

"You would never have reached me in a church," admits one sports fan, "but you caught me on the basketball court." Today he's not only a follower of Christ but also a pastor, due to a half-time message he heard at a Sports Ambassadors game.

Working in partnership with organizations like One Challenge who work alongside local churches and leaders to help equip them to use sports in outreach and discipleship ministries.

Sport Ambassadors, a ministry of OC, sends short-term teams to evangelize and plant seeds for ministry all around the world. For over 70 years, Sports Ambassadors has sent sports teams to more than 67 countries and sharing the gospel to more than 11 million spectators.

What Sports Ministry Looks Like:

  • Facilitating Workshops, Seminars, and Training Centers
  • Research to Evaluate and Enhance Sports Ministry Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Recruiting, Training, and Mentoring Church-Based and Parachurch Sports Ministry Leaders
  • Short-Team Teams - Camps, Clinics, Leagues, and Coaching through Sport Ambassadors

All of this can be facilitated in our African Goshen Agro Glamping Mission Resorts and our African Lakeside Glamping Mission Resorts

Partnering with organizations such as One Challenge who use sports ministry as a vehicle to create opportunities for sharing the Gospel, planting churches, helping churches engage their communities, and developing disciple-making networks.


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