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Heal a Hurting Heart - Time is running out!
United Caribbean Trust Haiti Mission trip introducing Follow Me childrens curriculum United Caribbean Trust Haiti Mission trip introducing Follow Me childrens curriculum United Caribbean Trust Haiti Mission trip introducing Follow Me childrens curriculum United Caribbean Trust Haiti Mission trip introducing Follow Me childrens curriculum United Caribbean Trust Haiti Mission trip introducing Follow Me childrens curriculum

God is raising up a Gideon Army of children around the world...
for the end time harvest.

You are called to the most significant ministry of Kingdom building in the body of Christ.

Research and statistics tell us 4 out of 5 adult church leaders in the West gave their lives to the Lord in their youth and were involved in Youth Ministry.

For example the late Myles Munroe

The late Myles Munroe
Reinhard Bonnke gave his life to Jesus at the age of nine. He is known for his Gospel Crusades throughout Africa. Bonnke has been an evangelist and missionary in Africa since 1967.
The late Bonnke has overseen 75 million recorded conversions to Christianity. You may never know the impact of a child giving their life to Jesus
Reinhard Bonnke
Dwight Moody a famous 
                      American Evangelis

Another example is Dwight Moody a famous American Evangelist living in the mid 18 hundreds. He gave his life as a youth and was responsible for touching two continents for God.


A friend once asked "How many people given their lives to the Lord at the recent church crusade?" He answered "Two and a half" His friend said "You mean two adults and one child" "No" he said "I mean two children and one adult"

When you reach a child for the Lord they have their whole life ahead of them to serve the Lord.

Anyone heard of Mordecai Ham?

Off course not!!

Mordecai Ham did not want to be a preacher. He did not want to live in that kind of poverty Life forced him to change his plans In 1935 a 16 year old boy responded to an alter call, Ham was disappointed only a young lad!

Mordecai Ham

You may not know Mordecai Ham but you will know the lad - Billy Graham.

Billy Graham

The late Billy Graham has preached the gospel of Christ in person to more than 80 million people and to countless millions more over the airwaves and in films.

Nearly 3 million have responded to the invitation he offers at the end of his sermons.

We must try and reach the children before the age of 7... WHY?

Because by age 3 a child has already developed their own personality Moses is a classic example.

His mother had a very small window of opportunity to invest in him and pass on her Spiritual DNA by the time the boy was weaned he was brought up by Pharoah's daughter.

He would have been taught Egyptian theology and false god worship but his mother had done a good job and as a young man Moses knew who he was - and Israelite and he killed the Egyptian that was fighting with one of his 'brothers'.

By age 5 their brain is the size of an adult brain and they have learned 85% of what they will learn in their entire lives. And the foundation of their belief system is established and every thing they learn from that day on is filtered through that belief system

By age 7 the child is a miniature version of what the child is going to be like as an adult.

By age 12 the child is who is going to be! For good or for bad!

Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions a Christian Research Book published in the U.S.A. in 2003 by George Barna reveals the chances of people being converted:

a. Between 5-12 years, a child has a 32% chance

b. Between 13-19, it is 4% chance

c. After 19 years old, about 6%

Yet 90% of Missions money goes to evangelizing adults. If you were an investor, where would you put your money? Somewhere with over 30% return or under 10% return?

90% of all Pastors and 95% of all Missionaries are saved by the age of 12!

James Dobson Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Focus 
              on the Family

James Dobson Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Focus on the Family Said - "It is easier to prepare a boy than to repair a man". Preaching to children should be the main thrust of Evangelism and the Great Commission.


Senior citizens age 80 years plus - 65% claim to be born again.

60 years plus - 35% claim to be born again.

25 - 45 year olds - 16% claim to be born again.

Age 7 - 24 - 4% claim to be born again.

Age 7 years and under... WHO KNOWS!


The Catholics know the importance of reaching children "Give me a child until he is seven and I will give you the man". The Catholic Order, the Jesuits.

The Communist ... Hitler is famous for saying: "Give me a child when he's 7 and he's mine forever."

Muslims know how to indoctrinate their children under the age of 7.

We must reach this generation before the world gets to them.

You have heard the saying "The children are the church of tomorrow." Well they were WRONG! "The children are the church of TODAY." If we leave it for tomorrow it will be too late and the devil will get them. God is moving through the children ALL over the world especially places like Africa.

YET in America 80% of youth brought up in a Christian homes... and attending Sunday School are leaving the church! What are we doing wrong? The enemy know how to brainwash the children

Scriptural Basis for Ministry to Children

You are going to the best harvest field to bring in fruit that will remain long after we adults have gone on to heaven. Besides harvesting the souls of children, you are training them to harvest others.

Why was Abraham chosen?

Because he was righteous?

Because he was a friend of God?

Because he had faith?

Because he was obedient?

NO Abraham was chosen because of his attitude toward children.

Genesis 18:19 'I have chosen him, so that he will direct his children and his household after him to keep the way of the LORD by doing what is right and just, so that the LORD will bring about for Abraham what he has promised him."

God had confidence in Abraham that he would pass on his faith and beliefs to the next generation.

Here are some Biblical examples of God using children:

A. Samuel - I Samuel 3:1

As a child, he was raised in the temple of God, we are told in 1 Samuel 3 that he laid down next to the alter of God, in His presence.

In those days the voice of God was not often heard and Eli the head priest could not even discern that Hannah was praying and pressing into God, he though she was drunk, the same Eli that allowed his sons to indulge in sexual immorality within God's house. Eli took three visit from Samuel before he worked out that maybe God was speaking to the child Samuel. And Samuel heard the voice of God and prophesied accurately to adults. 1 Samuel 3. In fact God used him to not only prophecy but to anoint firstly king Saul and king David.

B. David As a youth, was known by reputation for private worship, speaking ability, bravery, skill in battle and relationship to the Lord. Jessie looked at the external characteristics of his older sons but God looked at David's heart.

a. 1 Samuel 16:18

b. 1 Samuel 17:50

C. Esther As a young woman, was perfectly obedient to her guardian and saved her people. Esther 2:20

D. Four daughters of Philip As young women or children were known for prophesying Acts 21:8

E. Timothy - 2Timothy 1:5

I am reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and in your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also.

Our aim is to teach children the ways of God and not only His acts. Moses knew the Ways of God. But the Israelites only knew His acts.

"If you are pleased with me, teach me your ways so I may know you and continue to find favor with you." Exodus 33:13

Every generation is planned by God.

Matthew 1:17 'So all the generations from Abraham to David are fourteen generations; and from David until the carrying away into Babylon are fourteen generations; and from the carrying away into Babylon unto Christ are fourteen generations.'

God counted the generations until Christ came. He knew. He planned. He chose the generation of the First Coming. In one generation, they began a whole new age on the earth and changed all future history. Even our calendar dates back to that time. The whole New Testament was written by and about 130 people who lived within a 100 year span of time. That is how important one generation of people can be. Equally important He chose the parents of those special children that would change the world with as much care as He chose Moses' mum and Mary to be Jesus' mother. It is about to happen again. A generation is born who will change the earth. We need to be aware and prepare. We did not choose the time of our lives on earth, but we must choose the work of our lives. This generation of children will not fulfill their destiny unless we fulfill our destiny to train them. The devil is after them! Every chosen generation, with a special destiny - satan has tried to destroy them.

In MOSES generation God wanted to birth the deliverer and Pharaoh tried to kill the boy babies.

Same as the FIRST COMING OF JESUS, Herod was used by satan to try and destroy the boy babies of that generation.

God is raising up Spiritual Midwives to birth this movement in the earth and to save the babies from abortion.

This is a generation with destiny on their lives and we must save them at all costs.

Every day in America over 4000 babies are aborted!


Satan is trying to wipe this generation out like he tried to destroy the generation of Moses, the devil knew that a boy would be born that would deliver the Hebrews from slavery in Egypt and introduce the law, so he tried to destroy them.

Like the generation of Jesus at his FIRST COMING, Herod was used by satan to try to destroy the male children of that generation, but there was destiny in them. But Jesus survived and it is the same with the SECOND COMING generation of children that the devil is trying to destroy them.

When Jesus was on the earth He walked by some young fishermen and said to them, "Follow me and I will make you fishers of men." They were the generation of the first coming.

Today he walks alongside another generation and says, "Follow me. I want you to demonstrate the fullness of the Kingdom of God. "

They are the generation of the second coming.

Without you, they will not be ready. They will not hear his voice or be trained to do his works. They are waiting for you to rise up and be part of their destiny.

Pause now and pray if God is speaking to you to lay your life down for the children of this country and the destiny of God on the earth.

Time is running out.

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